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Sensation seekers, risk-takers who experience more bitterness apt to drink IPAs

People who seek novel and powerful sensations and are more prone to taking risks — and who perceive bitter tastes more intensely — are more likely to prefer bitter, pale-ale-style beers and drink them more often, according to sensory researchers, who conducted a study that involved blind taste tests and personality assessments.

How tiny water droplets form can have a big impact on climate models

(Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Droplets and bubbles are formed nearly everywhere, from boiling our morning coffee, to complex industrial processes and even volcanic eruptions. New Norwegian research improves our understanding of how these bubbles and droplets form, which could improve our ability to model climate change.

To reap heart benefits of a plant-based diet, avoid junk food

A new study suggests that people following a plant-based diet who frequently consumed less-healthful foods like sweets, refined grains and juice showed no heart health benefit compared with those who did not eat a plant-based diet.

Tesla Beverages In China Look Refreshing

Tesla beersTesla has had a lot of success in China with its EVs and its new factory. However, Tesla Model 3 vehicles that are made in China as well as Model S and X vehicles made in the US aren’t the only thing Tesla is selling there. These Tesla beverages in China look refreshing and delightful

Viruses love it when you touch your face

If you’re serious about staying healthy in these viral times, medical experts have some strong advice for you: Stop touching your face. No scratching. No rubbing. And certainly, no picking. Germs love it when we do that. And, as the…

The Republican Climate Agenda – The New York Times

Welcome to the Climate Fwd: newsletter. The New York Times climate team emails readers once a week with stories and insights about climate change. Sign up here to get it in your inbox. Image Credit…Photo Illustration by The New York…

Why you should watch out for nutrient thieves

It’s no surprise that cigarette smoking or living under constant stress are bad for your health, but did you know that one way they have a negative impact is by robbing you of needed nutrients? In fact, there are plenty…