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2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #33

Latest Posts Archives Climate Hustle Posted on 17 August 2019 by John Hartz A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week, i.e., Sun, Aug 11 through Sat, Aug 17, 2019 Editor’s…

Climate change: fracking may be doing more damage than we thought –

As greenhouse gases go, methane gets less attention than carbon dioxide, but it is a key contributor to climate change. Methane doesn’t stay in the atmosphere as long as CO2 and is reabsorbed into terrestrial cycles via chemical reactions within…


INDIA: Coastal city’s rapid growth threatened by water shortages

Dozens of billion-dollar companies. Thousands of high-paying IT and manufacturing jobs. Luxury apartments towering over the Bay of Bengal. The southern Indian city of Chennai has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, but it’s out of water, threatening to put a brake on all that growth.


BEER: Company pledges $219M for clean power at African breweries

Diageo PLC will invest £180 million ($219 million) in renewable energy upgrades to breweries across Africa with infrastructure including new biomass boilers to turn wood chips, bamboo and rice husks into steam power.

Climate Loon Inslee: Fossil Fuel Execs Are ‘Killing People’

It is conventional wisdom in American politics that candidates run to their respective fringe bases during the primaries, then back to the center for the general election. The 2020 Democratic field has been working so hard to “out-left” each other…

What role will climate change play in the 2020 presidential election?

Posted on 31 July 2019 by dana1981 This is a re-post from Yale Climate Connections Journalists and political wonks have spilled lots of ink, and more recently lots of gigabytes, in presidential election runups speculating that the environment and global warming…