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Sen. Cruz Signs Pledge To Keep U.S. Dominant Natural Gas Producer

Sen. Ted Cruz is among 141 political leaders in a pledge to keep the United States’ energy industry dominant amid the coronavirus pandemic and the consequential economic downturn. The Texas Republican, as well as seven additional senators, three governors, and… Busted: Study Asserts NO Link Between Flooding and Climate Change has published an article, misleadingly titled, “How increased flooding due to climate change impacts waterways across the U.S,” that is among the top Google News search results today for “climate change.” The article discusses a paper published in the…


WaPo Reporter: ‘Climate Change’ Is A ‘Racial Justice Problem’

The leftist lunacy of The Washington Post knows no bounds. Washington Post Climate and Science reporter Sarah Kaplan wrote a climate propaganda article masquerading as news. The story was headlined: “Climate change is also a racial justice problem.” In the…


Measuring air pollution could help London transport planners fight COVID-19

Measuring air quality across London could help fight COVID-19 by providing a rapid means of deciding whether to reduce public transport movement — given strong links between exposure to air pollution and COVID-19 transmission, a new study reveals.

Forests are a solution to global warming. They’re also vulnerable to it –

Forest-based solutions play an important role in addressing climate change, but the risks to forests from climate change also need to be calculated, according to a newly published paper in Science. For forests to be good carbon-removal investments, they need…

Genome study opens pathway toward sustainable edible seaweed

(Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University) Every year, Okinawan farmers harvest over 15,000 tons of the brown algae, Okinawa mozuku. However, this yield is suffering due to increasingly warm, acidic and polluted waters. Previously, researchers from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) deciphered the S-strain genome and now, in a study published today in BMC Genomics, they have decoded the genomes of three more strains. Ultimately, their findings could help the seaweed industry adapt to climate change.