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COVID-19 infections in U.S. may be much higher, new estimates show

By March 1, 2020, thousands of people in the U.S. may have already been infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus, far more than the number that had been publicly reported, according to a new study. However, the findings also suggest that even moderately effective interventions to reduce transmission can have a significant impact on the scale of the epidemic, the authors say.

Pets are being abandoned in China because of the coronavirus lockdown

People aren’t the only victims of the coronavirus making its way around the globe. In China, where the outbreak started, thousands of homeless pets wander the streets or are starving in their homes. The virus — known as COVID-19 —…

5,200-year-old grains in the eastern Altai Mountains redate trans-Eurasian crop exchange

(Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History) Cereals from the Fertile Crescent and broomcorn millet from northern China spread across the ancient world, integrating into complex farming systems that used crop-rotation cycles enabled by the different ecological regions of origin. The resulting productivity allowed for demographic expansions and imperial formation in Europe and Asia. In this study, an international, interdisciplinary team of scientists illustrate that people moved these crops across Eurasia earlier than previously realized, adapting cultivation methods for harsh agricultural environments.

Air-purifying headphones aim to help urban dwellers breathe easy

Dyson, a company best-known for its innovative line of vacuums and fans, is apparently also interested in providing urbanites with a portable way to filter air pollution. The company recently filed a patent in the UK for a pair of…

How Chinese opera masks compare to spider evolution

(University of Cincinnati) University of Cincinnati biology student Jenny Yi-Ting Sung is applying analytical tools normally associated with studying evolution to examine Chinese opera masks. So far she has found surprising parallels in the significance of color and pattern in nature and in Jing masks.

Chinese New Year 2020 falls on January 25

Chinese New Year 2020 falls on January 25 in Asia (January 24 in the west), beginning the Year of the Rat. China’s public holiday will be January 24-30. In Beijing this week, Chinese health officials expressed concerns about a coronavirus now spreading during this heavy travel season in Asia.

Climate change: Oceans hotter than ever before, new study reveals – DW (English)

The world’s oceans are warmer than ever — and they are getting warmer faster, according to a new report. In a development that provides yet further evidence of global warming, the study, published in the Chinese journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, found…