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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate Change Calls for Adaptation, Not Panic – The Wall Street Journal

Editor’s note: As November’s global climate conference in Glasgow draws near, important facts about climate change don’t always make it into the dominant media coverage. We’re here to help. Each Thursday contributor Bjorn Lomborg will provide some important background so…

Weird radio waves from the heart of the Milky Way

An international team of astronomers has detected weird radio waves coming from the heart of the Milky Way. They are unlike any found before, and may originate from a new type of cosmic object.

The post Weird radio waves from the heart of the Milky Way first appeared on EarthSky.

Climate change and global challenges – Modern Diplomacy

The whole world has been severely affected by climate change and the Covid-19 epidemic. The natural character of the whole world has also changed due to the rise in global temperature. Given the current situation, all the people of the…

Britain’s Growing Energy Crisis Plays Straight Into China’s Hands

In the mid-2000s, Britain went from being a net energy exporter to being a net importer. And that has remained the case ever since. There are plenty of reasons for this unedifying reversal of fortunes, but most importantly, in their rush to…

The Merits Of Syukuro Manabe Winning A Nobel Prize Are Confusing

The Nobel Committee has given the following reason for their choice of awarding the prize for Physics to researchers Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselman: “For the physical modeling of the Earth’s climate, quantifying variability and reliably predicting global warming.” The…

The Nobel Prize In Physics Was Just Awarded For Making A ‘Guess’ About Climate

This past week, Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann shared the Noble Prize in physics for their work that led to early computer models of the Earth’s climate. Unlike many Nobel-worthy accomplishments that are based on hard data or newly discovered…

Study Calls For Meat And Dairy Price Hikes To Fight Climate Change

A report produced by Cambridge University academics has called for foods with so-called high carbon footprints, such as dairy and meat, to be made more expensive in order to save the planet. The Cambridge University-led study published by the British…

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