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The Myth (And Fake Math) Of ‘Green’ Jobs

“Fool me once,” Stephen King wrote, “shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.” His adage certainly applies to the myth (and fake math) of green jobs. During the 2020…

SPARKZ licenses ORNL technology to speed up rechargeable battery production

(DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Energy storage startup SPARKZ Inc. has exclusively licensed a battery cycling technology from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory designed to enable the rapid production of lithium-ion batteries commonly used in portable electronic devices and electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Shock Treatment

Joe Biden, his fellow Democrats, and apparently big U.S. automakers have joined the rush to transform America’s transportation to 100% electric vehicles (EV) whether We the People want it or not. During an October town hall, Biden asserted that his…

After One of the Country’s Worst Wildfires WWF Australia is Preparing for a Year of Renewal

2020 was a sad summer to look back on for conservationists in Australia—it was one of the worst seasons for bushfires in history destroyed millions of acres of the country. But already there are reasons to hope, as WWF, the world’s largest independent conservation organization, looks to build on the remarkable response they received to help […]

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DOE awards funding to six Argonne battery manufacturing projects

(DOE/Argonne National Laboratory) Six innovative battery manufacturing projects led by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory recently obtained funding through DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Swansea University and Enserv to develop advanced energy storage systems

(Swansea University) A Swansea University research team are to form a new partnership with major global energy solutions provider ENSERV POWER.This new venture will seek to develop and commercialise advanced and sustainable energy storage systems through the newly established Centre of Excellence: CAPTURE (Circular Applications to Utilise and Retain Energy).The centre will focus on a circular approach to the manufacture and management of energy storage solutions

CleanTechnica Interview with Peter Carlsson, CEO of Northvolt: Part One — Background, Mission, & Unique Approach

CleanTechnica recently interviewed Peter Carlsson, Chief Executive Officer of Northvolt, the Swedish battery manufacturing startup-slash-giant. Northvolt plans to use renewable energy to manufacture battery cells and packs for the European market, and already has substantial agreements in place with Volkswagen, BMW, ABB, and others. We sat down virtually with Peter to learn about the company’s unique approach, and plans

World needs to unite to stop global warming – The Financial Express

The movement towards decarbonisation in the West has built up a strong momentum. Spend a few days in Europe and one cannot help but be struck by the change in the tenor of the discussion on global warming. It is…

What's wrong with batteries?

We are a country that loves our electronic gadgets, but when it comes to keeping them charged, it gets complicated. The Sierra Club estimates about 5 billion batteries are purchased in the United States every year, but less than 10%…