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How To Watch & Listen To Tesla Q3 Earnings Call (Livestream)

Tesla has announced that its earnings call for shareholders will take place on October 21, today, at 2:30pm PDT. Now that Tesla no longer has a PR team, this earnings call could bring to light a lot of fascinating new details about Battery Day as well as its implications, since it’s the first time since the event that the company will be answering questions

Study: Green-Energy Sources Not The ‘Panacea’ Climate Alarmists Claim

A study done by Irish and U.S.-based researchers is calling into question the efficacy of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar in dealing with the so-called climate crisis. In fact, the study found that such energy sources are…

Study Confirms Trump Is Right – ‘Clean’ Energy Isn’t Clean Or Green

Renewable energy is cripplingly expensive, hopelessly unreliable, massacres wildlife, destroys landscapes, destabilizes the grid, harms indigenous peoples, and causes climate change. But apart from that, it’s great, says a meticulous review published in the scientific journal Energies by a team…

Lucid Motors Is Inspired By Tesla In Many Ways & Hopes To Take On The Competition

Lucid Motors is inspired by Tesla in many ways and hopes to take on the competition, including Tesla. In a video by CNBC, Lucid’s CEO and CTO, Peter Rawlinson, shared his thoughts about his inspiration behind the Lucid Air design, plans to take on the competition, and battery technology

One Way to Power Electric Vehicles? The Answer Could Lie in Spinach

“Eat your spinach,” is a common refrain in childhood, but the green vegetable, chock full of nutrients, doesn’t just provide energy in humans. It also has the potential to help power fuel cells, according to a new study. In a statement, researchers at the American University’s (AU) Department of Chemistry explained that spinach, when converted from […]

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German Prof: Climate Science Politicized, Filled With ‘Fairy Tales’

German professor, a co-founder of the modern environmental movement, says climate science is exaggerated, filled with fairy tales, and believes the Paris Accord is “already dead.” In an interview with publicist Roland Tichy, Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt – one of the…