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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Gerald Winegrad: The wonder of wildlife, threatened by global warming | COMMENTARY – Capital Gazette

One of my great enjoyments in life is traveling all over the world with my faithful companion and wildlife photographer, Carol. We have been blessed to be able to find so many amazing creatures – giraffe-necked weevils, lemurs, walrus, polar…

Some Questions On Climate Change For The COP26 Pseudoscientists

Since COP26 is mostly devoid of facts, I will provide some basic information that can be used to answer the questions that follow. Facts from the last 150 years: CO2 atmospheric content has increased from around 280 PPM to over…

Tucker Carlson Exposes How Wind Energy Is Destroying Landscapes, Jobs

Tucker Carlson and his team expose the hidden costs of the green energy agenda and the environmental impacts of wind power scam in the latest episode of “Tucker Carlson Originals.” In the episode, “Blown Away: The People Vs Wind Power,”…

Moths’ Beautiful Rippled Forewings Are Actually a Sophisticated Defense System

The folds and ripples at the front of a moth’s forewings are a sophisticated defense system against the echolocation of hunting bats in the darkness, a new study reveals. Moths have developed several forms of sonic decoys to throw hunting bats off their scent, but a thorough examination done at the University of Bristol has […]

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Climate change: Animals ‘shape-shifting’ in response to global warming crisis, study says – Sky News

Larger ears, bulkier beaks and longer wings – climate change is causing numerous species to “shape-shift” and adapt to the world’s warming temperatures, a study claims. Sara Ryding, the study author and researcher at Deakin University in Australia, says several…

U.N. Tells Australia To Shutter Its Coal Industry In 10 Years

Reminding us of what a difference a year makes was yesterday’s exhortation by UN Climate Action Team head Selwyn Hart, that Australia abandons coal by 2030. That means replacing electricity from coal that, despite facing incessant government penalties, provides two-thirds of…

Woke Companies Must Wake Up To The Dangers Of ESG

Growing numbers of companies, banks, universities, and investment houses are adopting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards and disclosure rules. They’re pressured to do so by activists, legislators, and regulators. Many expect to get rich via taxpayer-subsidized “renewable” energy projects….

Researchers Identify a ‘Fearsome Dragon’ With 23-Ft Wingspan That Soared Over Australian Outback

Australia’s largest flying reptile has been uncovered, a pterosaur with an estimated seven-meter wingspan that soared like a dragon above the ancient, vast inland sea once covering much of outback Queensland. University of Queensland PhD candidate Tim Richards led a research team that analyzed a fossil of the creature’s jaw. “It’s the closest thing we […]

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Civilization-ending climate change is knocking on the door — unless we act now – Salon

We are standing in an extinction event. Many of us started noticing it when the insects began to vanish in large numbers right after the turn of the century.  I’ll never forget the day the trucker called into my radio show….

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