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5 Common Household Items You Should Be Reusing

We’re all recycling as much as possible. We’re also generating trash every day. Per the EPA, Americans compost and recycle over 1.5 pounds of materials each day and trash almost 4.5 pounds of materials per day.People have made great changes that reduce the stream of waste going into landfills. People are composting food scraps. They’re […]

Virginia Is Circling The Green New Drain

It took the newly empowered Virginia Dems less than six months, but the state is now paying a heavy price for the last election. Obvious is the ruinous transformation spawned by the pandemic and the never-ending anarchy resulting from BLM-themed…


Scientists trace the origin of our teeth from the most primitive jawed fish

Scientists have digitally ‘dissected’, for the first time, the most primitive jawed fish fossils with teeth found near Prague more than 100 years ago. The results show that their teeth have surprisingly modern features.

Advanced technology sheds new light on evolution of teeth

(Uppsala University) The evolution of our teeth began among ancient armoured fishes more than 400 million years ago. In the scientific journal Science, an international team led by researchers from Uppsala University presents ground-breaking findings about these earliest jawed vertebrates. Using powerful X-ray imaging, they show that unique fossils found near Prague contain surprisingly modern-looking teeth.


Human-caused warming will cause more slow-moving hurricanes, warn climatologists

Hurricanes moving slowly over an area can cause more damage than faster-moving storms, and rising global temperatures will likely cause more mid-latitude hurricanes to slow down, said a team of climatologists. They used a large ensemble of climate simulations to explore the link between anthropogenic climate warming and hurricane movement speed.

6 questions pet owners are asking during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many pet owners are spending a lot more time at home these days, and they have lots of questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their animals and their daily activities. Here are some answers. Is my dog stressed…

Why is everyone so obsessed with toilet paper?

If we could sum up the viral times in which we’re living in just a few words, they might be: “Just two per customer.” Everyone gets anxious when the world takes an uncertain turn. And often, we treat that anxiety…

Everything you know about hand-washing is probably wrong

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to wash your hands correctly, right? Wet, lather, rinse. For good measure, sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice while you’re scrubbing to make sure you washed for the full 20 seconds the…

How to clean your dog's ears at home (and why)

Along with baths, brushing and nail clipping, cleaning your dog’s ears regularly is an important part of basic grooming care. Because of the way a dog’s ears are structured, it can be hard for them to stay clean without a…