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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Global warming goes to sea — heat waves hit oceans worldwide – San Francisco Chronicle

While much research focuses on the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems in the near and distant future, a new study by the Monterey Bay Aquarium finds that global warming had reached a turning point in 2014, when over…

Column: Climate change is distressingly real. But it’s not behind all major weather events – Los Angeles Times

SACRAMENTO —  It rained so hard in California in 1862 that a 300-mile-long lake was created in the Central Valley, stretching from Bakersfield to Red Bluff. Yes, literally. Leland Stanford needed a rowboat to carry him over Sacramento’s flooded streets to…

With a Warming Climate, Coastal Fog Around the World Is Declining – InsideClimate News

Fog is a defining element of summer in Santa Cruz, obscuring the view of day trippers descending the hills to the coast and prompting kids to bundle up to hop on their bikes for summer adventures. Its fingerprints are visible…

Unusual currents explain mysterious red crab strandings

(University of California – Santa Cruz) Researchers studied pelagic red crab range and strandings from 1950 to 2019 and compared these data with ocean conditions, like temperature and current movements. The team found that the appearance of red crabs outside of their normal range correlated with the amount of seawater flowing from Baja California to central California.

Guadalupe fur seals continue to recover as new colony discovered

(University of British Columbia) Guadalupe fur seals (Arctocephalus townsendi) have established a large resting colony in the Gulf of California–bringing the total number of sites where this endangered species now occurs to just four. This new haul-out was discovered on El Farallón de San Ignacio Island, along the mainland coast of Mexico, according to researchers from Mexico and the University of British Columbia.

Satellite Observations Show Marine Clouds Amplify Global Warming – SciTechDaily

Marine stratocumulus clouds along the California and Baja California coastlines, as revealed by a NASA satellite. These and other low-level clouds are widespread over the global oceans. LLNL researchers have found that global warming causes low clouds over the oceans…

Towards a rigorous understanding of societal responses to climate change –

1. Lieberman, B. & Gordon, E. Climate Change in Human History: Prehistory to the Present (Bloomsbury, 2018). 2. White, S., Pfister, C. & Mauelshagen, F. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of Climate History (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018). This edited volume provides a state-of-the-art…

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