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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Global Warming – Deadlier than COVID and even Cancer? – The European Times

Calculating the health impacts of climate change is a complex equation Deadlier than COVID and even cancer? If the world does not take swift action to reduce carbon emissions, calculating the impact of global warming on health is a challenge…

Scientists Have Used Mushrooms to Make Biodegradable Computer Chip Parts

The skin off the legs of a mushroom could potentially offer a sustainable alternative to insulative substrates in computing chips. As production of electronic devices continues to increase, scientists are looking to insert a bit of nature and biodegradability into common components like the microchip, and believe it or not, peeling the skin off the […]

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Climate change: Melting glaciers could release tonnes of bacteria – BBC

The team at Aberystwyth University estimated the situation could result in more than a 100,000 tonnes of microbes, such as bacteria, being released into the environment over the next 80 years – a number comparable to all the cells in…

Global warming slowly devastating Boreal forest a.k.a. Earth`s second lung – WION

Burning, drifting, and being devoured by insects, Canada’s Boreal forest is shrinking and climate change is to blame. Second only to the South American Amazon forest, the Boreal forest is vital to ensuring the future of planet Earth, reports AFP. The forest…

Climate bits – ASBMB Today

From metabolic engineering to use, bacteria to extract rare earth elements to feeding cattle diets that minimize their methane emission, biochemistry research can shed light on climate and sustainability. Contributing writer Meg Taylor rounded up some recent research findings for…

By David Wallace-Wells – The New York Times

You can never really see the future, only imagine it, then try to make sense of the new world when it arrives. Just a few years ago, climate projections for this century looked quite apocalyptic, with most scientists warning that…

Effects of Climate Change – Impacts and Examples – NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

Jump to Section Tokyo during a record-breaking heat wave, August 13, 2020 The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images Higher average temperatures This change in global average temperature—seemingly small but consequential and climbing—means that, each summer, we are likely to experience…

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