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An underwater navigation system powered by sound

Underwater backscatter localization could allow for battery-free ocean exploration. The system is akin to subsea GPS and has potential applications in marine conservation, aquaculture, underwater robotics, and more.

Tesla’s One Core Advantage

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s a maxim that I imagine could get you fired from Tesla. Tesla is obsessively focused on “fixing” what is working fine but not working as well as it could be. Tesla is obsessively trying to take products and systems apart, whittle them down to their core

10 Ideas About What Happens After Tesla Releases Next Autopilot Update

This morning, Tesla CEO (Chief Engineering Officer) Elon Musk tweeted that a limited release of Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” (FSD) software would roll out next Tuesday, October 20. In response, one commenter on our article noted

Waymo Goes Truly Public In Phoenix

Waymo has been implementing different versions or stages of self-driving technology for years, originally more directly under the Google umbrella. Now, starting today, Waymo is really opening up to the public

Tesla’s Future Is Not What We Thought

Well it’s true, the response to Tesla Battery Day is a mixed bag of cats and we are all trying to see what we should make of it (just not in the culinary sense). It has been more than a week now, I have gone through the technologies, gone through the numbers, and have come to the following conclusion: what Tesla has presented to us is exactly what we had hoped for and were expecting

Tel Aviv to Become First City With Electric Road That Charges Public Transportation

The construction of an electric road will make Tel Aviv the first city worldwide to institute the large-scale rollout of a technology that can charge vehicles as they drive. Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, in partnership with ElectReon and Dan Bus Company, has launched a pilot to install wireless electric roads for charging public transportation in the […]

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