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Why Chuck Schumer Is Completely Wrong About Electric Cars

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer has proposed a law requiring every car in America to be electric by 2040. Sorry, Senator — “not gonna happen,” to use President George H.W. Bush’s iconic phrase. And anyway, it wouldn’t begin to make…

Automakers Show Us Their True Colors (Petition Inside)

(tl;dr: Donald Trump and a number of automakers are against higher voluntary emissions standards, and are pushing for policy that is not only bad for the environment, but completely betrays even conservative values. Our petition against this can be found here.)

High Power Costs, Hostile Eco-Activism, And Uncertainty Crippling German Economy

German online weekly FOCUS writes that Germany is turning into “Europe’s economic sick man” – due in large part to high energy prices and fierce environmental radicalism. The German weekly reports how German industrial production has been falling, citing figures from…

EPA Tees Up Response To California’s Fuel Economy Deal With Four Carmakers

The Environmental Protection Agency is questioning whether California has the legal authority to strike a deal with four automakers on fuel economy standards stronger than what the Trump administration will set. The Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to California…

Trump:  We’re Stripping California’s Right to Set Tougher Auto Standards

Auto industry experts say the uncertainty would likely dampen the market for electric vehicles.  Nine other states could lose their tougher rules, too. President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that his administration would strip California of its authority to enact the…

The public is waking up to global warming – The Washington Post

By Letters to the Editor September 18 at 5:08 PM Two articles in the Sept. 13 paper spoke to the world’s greatest threat besides politics: the overwhelming use of fossil fuels. Reed Hundt’s Friday Opinion essay, “Firms need to cooperate…

Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Are Legitimately Disruptive — What Should Automakers Do?

The world is changing. It always is, but the change is particularly dramatic right now in certain technology sectors. To a normal person’s eyes, changes in the auto industry may seem only incremental. Cars are getting a bit more “connected,” more people are using 21st century taxis from Uber and Lyft (please don’t call this ridesharing), and some people are driving electric cars. But we ain’t seen nothing yet