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Climate migrants: How even rich Bavaria cannot provide shelter from global warming – Euronews

“We took ketchup.” This is the only food Karl Bretzendorfer remembers taking up to the attic where he spent 13 days trapped with his wife Irina, as the waters rose around them in what Chancellor Angela Merkel called “the flood…

What winter? Earth just had its second-warmest December-February on record – USA TODAY

Only the El-Niño-fueled winter of 2015-16 was warmer. Some of the most extreme warmth was in Russia, which smashed its record for warmest winter. Thanks to human-caused global warming, “this period is now the warmest in the history of modern…

What is the gegenschein?

The sun’s counterglow – or gegenschein – is kind of a stargazers’ legend. What is it, and how can you see it? Erwin Matys and Karoline Mrazek of Project Nightflight explain.

Professor Xavier Font awarded prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship

(University of Surrey) Professor Xavier Font, Director of the Research Centre for Sustainability and Wellbeing in the Visitor Economy and Professor of Sustainability Marketing at the University of Surrey, has been awarded a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to conduct research supporting governments and tourism bodies to improve sustainability in the travel industry.

What is sauna aufguss?

For an activity that requires so little activity, sitting in a sauna can be surprisingly good for you. Adults who frequent saunas tend to be safer from heart disease, dementia and stroke, research in Finland suggests, and if they also…

Prince Charles Flies 16,000 Miles On Private Jets Before Posing With Greta

Prince Charles was last night facing embarrassment after taking a series of private jet flights while lecturing world leaders about climate change. On a trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, the Prince met activist Greta Thunberg…

New exhaust gas measurement registers ultrafine pollutant particles for the first time

(Graz University of Technology) Together with international partners, researchers at Graz University of Technology have developed a measurement method that measures particles below 10 nanometers for the first time and will contribute to the implementation of future, stricter emission standards.

Sanitary care by social ants shapes disease outcome

(Institute of Science and Technology Austria) Sanitary care in ants to fight disease is known to improve the wellbeing of the colony, yet it has been unclear how social disease defense interferes with pathogen competition inside the individual host body. In their recent study published in Ecology Letters, Sylvia Cremer and her research group at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) revealed that collective care-giving has the power to bias the outcome of coinfections in fungus-exposed colony members.


VIENNA: Austria gets aggressive on climate under new leadership

Austria’s new government signaled willingness to test the boundaries of conventional economic, energy and tax policies in its bid to radically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming.