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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


The Climate Wars Are Heating Up

So, apparently, the climate wars aren’t over quite yet. Thank goodness for that! That’s not us rekindling the battle, by the way, it’s the Greens’ ‘Treasury spokesman’ federal Senator Nick McKim who has discovered a new term of abuse: ‘ecocidal’…

Biden Moves To Limit EV Tax Credits In Blow To Climate Agenda

The Biden administration proposed a series of highly-anticipated rules, providing some clarity on how it will implement Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provisions that restrict which electric vehicles (EVs) are eligible for tax credits. The rules, issued by the Treasury Department…

Amateur Gold Digger Finds Huge Nugget Worth $160,000 in Australia

An Australian gold digger turned up a stone weighing 10.1 pounds, more than half of which is gold, and one of the largest finds in recent times. It’s the kind of photo that one would expect to see from the 1850s, in black and white, with the man wearing breeches, a wide-brimmed hat, and a […]

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Australia passes most significant climate law in a decade amid concern over fossil fuel exports

Australia’s parliament has passed the country’s most significant emissions reduction legislation in more than a decade after the government won backing from Greens and independent MPs for a plan to deal with pollution from major industrial sites. After weeks of…

April Stargazing: Paschal Moon, Close Approaches of Saturn and Mars, and the Lyrid Meteor Shower

As we are only a week of waxing away from the full moon of April, it’s worth taking a look at other celestial sightseeing opportunities in the springing month. Around midnight of Wednesday, April 5th, the Pink Moon will fully illuminate the sky. Also known as the Paschal Moon, it sets the date for Easter […]

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Thorpe votes with Coalition on Indigenous land council inquiry – as it happened

From 10h ago The independent senator, Lidia Thorpe, has voted with the Coalition for a motion to inquire into Indigenous bodies including land councils. The motion was defeated 30 votes to 29. In January Guardian Australia revealed that Thorpe put…

Rise of ‘fuel-guzzling’ SUVs costing Australians $13bn extra at the pump per year, report finds

Surging SUV ownership means Australians are needlessly spending an extra $13bn a year to fuel their cars, and the trend is sending transport emissions into overdrive at the same time similar nations are reducing them. Analysis from the Australia Institute…

Albanese government faces decisions on coalmines that could add 16m tonnes of CO2 emissions annually

The Albanese government could have to make decisions on whether to approve up to 28 coalmine developments that would make it harder to meet targets set under its newly approved climate policy, according to a new analysis. A coalmine tracker…

It’s not perfect, but the Labor-Greens climate deal should limit emissions and fossil fuels. That matters

The safeguard mechanism is a better policy to deal with major industrial greenhouse gas emissions after a deal between the Albanese government and the Greens. It is not perfect, it is needlessly complicated and there are still things to be…

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