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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


South American Songbird Hailed as Most Expert Musician of the Animal Kingdom (LISTEN)

When it comes to keeping time, an unassuming species of songbird is on a par with professional musicians, according to an audio analysis. The study is the first to investigate natural time-keeping ability of an animal in the wild, rather than under observation in the lab—and scientists have hailed the song abilities of the scaly-breasted […]

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Green Energy Was MIA Amid Raging Winter Storms And Higher Energy Demand

Renewable energy was unable to generate sufficient power to meet elevated energy demand during Christmas Eve snowstorms that pummeled the northeastern U.S. and Texas. Although wind turbines, solar panels, and other forms of green energy have been consistently touted by…

The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s National Crusade Against Climate Action – The New York Times

When a lawsuit was filed to block the nation’s first major offshore wind farm off the Massachusetts coast, it appeared to be a straightforward clash between those who earn their living from the sea and others who would install turbines…

From the U.N. climate conference, advice for Philly as it adapts to global warming – The Philadelphia Inquirer

For a dozen days this month, an estimated 35,000 people from around the world gathered in Egypt at COP27, the United Nations climate conference. Among the attendees — in addition to representatives from the nearly 200 countries that signed onto…

Airborne pollutants amplify the effects of climate change –

For so long, the world has been focused on the impacts of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on global warming and subsequent changes in climate. But CO2 is not the sole product released as a result of industrial processes or the…

Stressed out about climate change? 4 ways to tackle both the feelings and the issues – North Country Public Radio

A heat wave is smothering much of the Western region including Los Angeles. Worrisome weather trends like this can contribute to climate stress. Image: Eric Thayer/Bloomberg via Getty Images Climate change has caused more intense wildfires, heat waves, floods and…

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