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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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How global warming is creating more turbulence on flights – The Washington Post

Research has made it clear: Earth’s warming, the result of the burning of fossil fuels, is increasing the risks of bumpy flights. It has to do with ways warming in the atmosphere influences winds at varying altitudes. But that doesn’t…

Half The World At Risk Of Starvation Under Net Zero, Warn Top Climate Experts

Billions of people around the world face starvation if Net Zero policies ban the production of nitrogen fertilizer derived from fossil fuels. This is the stark warning from two top American scientists who say that eliminating fossil fuel-derived nitrogen fertilizers…

‘Flights over India may get 200% bumpier due to climate change’ – Times of India

Mumbai: Climate change is set to make future flights bumpier, with instances of clear air turbulence (CAT) likely to more than double over north Indian airspace post 2050, according to a study by researchers in the UK’s University of Reading….

The first climate change candidate: Inside Al Gore’s oddly prescient 1988 presidential run – Salon

The United States quietly hit a political tipping point some time in the 2010s, although few noticed at the time. That was the decade in which a majority of Americans polled said that climate change was really happening. Today, as…

Fact check: Misleading claim that high snow cover means no warming – USA TODAY

The claim: Post implies Northern Hemisphere snow cover disproves global warming Greenhouse gas emissions related to human activity have caused nearly two degrees of warming since the late 1800s, according to NASA.  However, some social media users are sharing an article that…

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