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News about Climate Change and our Planet


NASA Analysis: 2021 Tied for 6th Hottest Year in Continued Warming Trend – SciTechDaily

Earth’s global average surface temperature in 2021 tied with 2018 as the sixth warmest on record, according to independent analyses done by Fahrenheit (0.85 degrees Columbia University’s Earth Institute and School of Engineering and Applied Science in New York.

Plan to ‘dim sun rays’ gets thumbs down from experts. Here is why – WION

Serious concerns have been raised over the plan to ‘dim sun’s rays’ to tackle climate change by over 60 policy experts and scientists on Monday.    Calling it potentially dangerous, these experts said that the idea of cooling Earth’s surface…

No, Hunga-Tonga eruption won’t slow global warming – New Zealand Herald

It produced an ash cloud spanning hundreds of square kilometres – but scientists say it’s unlikely Hunga-Tonga’s big blow will put any dent in global warming. Image / JMA It produced an ash cloud spanning hundreds of square kilometres –…

Analysis: After sun-dimming setback, geoengineers seek a diplomatic fix – Reuters

‘Solar geoengineering’ research runs into barriers Indigenous opposition sparks 2022 strategy rethink New commission to look at risks from climate target overshoot OSLO, Jan 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – In 1965, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson’s science advisors urged research into…

Tonga volcano felt around the world

The Tonga volcano and ensuing tsunami were felt around the world. The January 15, 2022, event affected the shores of places as far away as Oregon while the pressure wave moved across the globe.

The post Tonga volcano felt around the world first appeared on EarthSky.

Warming Trends: Americans’ Alarm Grows About Climate Change, a Plant-Based Diet Packs a Double Carbon Wha… – InsideClimate News

CULTURE The Growing Alarm About Climate Change The number of Americans alarmed about global warming now outnumbers Americans who are dismissive of it three to one. That’s according to a twice-yearly public opinion polling by the Yale Program on Climate…

Time not on our side with climate change – Evening Observer

Global warming is real! I am in my 60s. I challenge anyone my age to say that this winter was just like one from our childhood. If a person will not accept their own lived experience as proof, what evidence…

In hot water: Ocean warming hits another record high on climate change –

A new study has found that, for the sixth year in a row, the world’s oceans have been hotter than they’ve ever been in recent history due to human-induced climate change. The research team found that last year, the upper…

Climate change increases rainy days, which harm the economy – Open Access Government

New data finds economic growth decreases with more wet days with extreme rainfall, revealing an indirect way that climate change harms the economy Scientists find that economic growth goes down when the number of wet days and days with extreme…

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