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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

Atlantic Ocean

Another Media Fail: Hurricane Elsa’s Early Arrival Isn’t Proof Of Climate Change

Multiple mainstream media outlets ran stories and editorials last week claiming Hurricane Elsa, a tropical storm that barely qualified as a category one hurricane for a few short hours, was proof of human-caused climate change. This is false. Although the…

Southeast Amazonia is no longer a carbon sink –

NEWS AND VIEWS 14 July 2021 Atmospheric measurements show that deforestation and rapid local warming have reduced or eliminated the capacity of the eastern Amazonian forest to absorb carbon dioxide — with worrying implications for future global warming. Scott Denning…

Heatwaves and the danger of the Arctic Ocean heating up

 Heatwaves and Jet Stream Changes Heatwaves are increasingly hitting higher latitudes, as illustrated by the forecasts below. The background behind this is that the temperature rise caused by people’s emissions is also causing changes to the jet streams.  [ click…

Making a meal of DNA in the seafloor

(University of Vienna) While best known as the code for genetic information, DNA is also a nutrient for specialized microbes. An international team of researchers led by Kenneth Wasmund and Alexander Loy from the University of Vienna has discovered several bacteria in sediment samples from the Atlantic Ocean that use DNA as a food source. One bacterium newly named by the team in fact is a true expert in degrading DNA. The study is now published in Nature Microbiology.

Just 2 Degrees Of Warming Could Trigger ‘Climate Domino Effects,’ New Study Reveals – Forbes

Even moderate global warming could cause cascading tipping points that could lead to devastation of … [+] habitats like the Amazon rainforest and coastal cities, according to a new study. getty The relationship between five massive Earth systems could be…

Global warming could pass 1.5°C within the next five years –

There’s about a 40% chance that the global average temperature for at least one of the next five years will be 1.5º Celsius higher than in pre-industrial times—and the odds are only going up. That level of temperature increase would most likely…

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