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Ready, set, explore Earth from home

We’re at home. How about you? But we just discovered these virtual tours, galleries and live webcams from around the world, which we wanted to share. Stay home, and have some virtual fun …

Researchers document seasonal migration in deep-sea

(Nova Southeastern University) For the first time, researchers have documented seasonal migrations of fishes across the deep seafloor, revealing an important insight that will further scientific understanding of the nature of our planet.

Ancient mantis-man petroglyph discovered in Iran

(Pensoft Publishers) A rare rock carving of an insect found in the Teymareh site of Central Iran has been jointly described by a team of entomologists and archaeologists in a paper now published in the open access Journal of Orthoptera Research. The petroglyph shows a six-limbed creature with the head and arms of a praying mantis, but with two circles at its sides, similarly to the famous “squatter man” petroglyph found at several locations around the world.

Grimes Breaks Down Inspiration Behind ‘Global Warming Is Good’ Billboard Campaign – Complex

Treating the space of a metropolis like a makeshift art gallery was key in the inspiration behind Grimes‘ Miss Anthropocene–promoting billboard campaign. As you may or may not have been made privy to, one particular billboard—the one that reads GLOBAL…

These award-winning photos capture the drama of Earth's garden

From dreamy garden fish ponds to fields of bright flowers, the winners in this year’s International Garden Photographer of the Year competition feature riveting images of gardens, plants and flowers from around the world. Now in its 13th year, the…