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Why we should all embrace the sweet art of 'doing nothing'

A very long time ago, someone without any friends, who people crossed the street to avoid and probably worked himself to death said, “The devil makes work for idle hands to do.” And, unfortunately, for many of us, those words…

A Stone Age boat building site has been discovered underwater

(National Oceanography Centre, UK) The Maritime Archaeological Trust has discovered a new 8,000 year old structure 11 metres below sea level on the Isle of Wight. It is the most intact, wooden Middle Stone Age structure ever found in the UK.


A playful home built of recycled materials takes in sunrise views in Ecuador

Built largely from recycled materials, the home that architect Daniel Moreno Flores recently completed for an artistically inclined client in Ecuador oozes playfulness and creativity as well as a reduced environmental footprint.

NYTimes Laments Eco-Villains In Movies, Wants More Climate Lectures

The New York Times’s Cara Buckley (“a culture reporter who covers bias and equity in Hollywood”), complained Hollywood wasn’t embedding enough climate change messaging in their blockbuster movies in Saturday’s “Hollywood Sells Doom, Not Hope On Climate — Critics say…


Last week, I gazed on a truly wild land… and saw art reflected back | Kenan Malik

Achmore is a nondescript hamlet on the A858 that cuts across the isle of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides. This is a gnarled, fractured landscape, swaddled in wind and rain, and built out of some of the oldest…

Astronomy ambassadors to Chile: ALMA radio telescope

Learn what it would be like to travel to Chile – sometimes called astronomy’s world capital – in this final report from Robert Pettengill with the Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassador Program. Thank you for your dispatches, Rob!


13 fun and sustainable activities to enjoy before summer ends

The dog days of summer linger from early morning until late into the evening, providing plenty of opportunities to play, travel and work in the yard. If you’re focused on making sure those summer activities are earth-friendly, we’ve brainstormed some ideas to get you into the great outdoors without leaving a heavy footprint in your wake.