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ENERGY TRANSITIONS: Major Ariz. utility vows to ditch coal and go carbon-free

Arizona Public Service Co. in recent years has sparred with residential solar installers, dumped millions of dollars into a campaign to kill a clean energy ballot initiative and proposed buying so much natural gas that Arizona’s utility commission instituted a moratorium on new gas plants.

Study traces evolution of acoustic communication

(University of Arizona) A study tracing acoustic communication across the tree of life of land-living vertebrates reveals that the ability to vocalize goes back hundreds of millions of years, is associated with a nocturnal lifestyle and has remained stable. Surprisingly, acoustic communication does not seem to drive the formation of new species across vertebrates.


Glimpses of fatherhood found in non-pair-bonding chimps

Although they have no way of identifying their biological fathers, male chimpanzees form intimate bonds with them, a finding that questions the idea of fatherhood in some of humanity’s closest relatives, according to a study of wild chimpanzees in Uganda.

What you can see on fee-free days at U.S. national parks this year

The United States has so many national parks and protected wilderness areas to explore, but some of those spots have entrance fees or activities fees. While the fees help to support the sites, they can sometimes sting the wallet. Luckily,…

Connector fungi offer new clues to fate of nitrogen in warming tundra

(Northern Arizona University) Northern Arizona University researchers Rebecca Hewitt and Michelle Mack authored a paper, published this week in New Phytologist, that could have implications for researchers and computer models that predict where nitrogen and carbon go at both regional and global levels.

Eye-Popping Video Exposes Brazen Junk Science By Federal Climate Program

So is the federal government a disinterested player in the debate on climate science? Not based on an impressive video that outlines some of the shenanigans of government agencies that supposedly watch the matter. Composed of 13 federal agencies that conduct…