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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Can Phoenix, the hottest city in America, survive climate change? – Yahoo News

PHOENIX — On the downtown streets in America’s hottest city the temperature has hit 109 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon in late June and the sidewalks are mostly empty, but an elderly woman carrying an umbrella passes…

Supreme Court curbs EPA’s ability to fight climate change – CNN

CNN  —  The Supreme Court curbed the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to broadly regulate carbon emissions from existing power plants, a major defeat for the Biden administration’s attempts to slash emissions at a moment when scientists are sounding alarms about…

Smell of Desert Rain May Be Good for Health

Desert dwellers know it well: the smell of rain and the feeling of euphoria that comes when a storm washes over the parched earth. That feeling, and the health benefits that come with it, may be the result of oils and other chemicals released by desert plants after a good soaking, new research suggests. “The […]

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Sustainably Speaking: Being old in the time of global warming – Press Herald

I have a new friend. Her name is Susan and she lives in Reno, Nevada. We’ve only met once in person when we were serendipitously in Tuscon, Arizona, at the same time last spring. We are both old, both social…

Latino activism leads in grassroot efforts on climate change – ABC News

PHOENIX — Students at a largely Hispanic elementary school in Phoenix have long lined up for morning classes on a dusty patch of dirt under a broiling sun. So when Tony Mada learned of plans to plant 75 young trees…

Biden’s Regressive Energy Agenda Behind Soaring Prices

Middle-class Americans don’t need an economist or political scientist to tell them there’s something wrong with the economy. They realize it every time they put gas in their tanks or have to pay more for groceries. The financial security of…

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