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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Global warming: Myanmar, Greenland and green cars – Workers World

Greenland is the largest island in the world which is not a continent. Only it and Antarctica are covered by ice sheets. With 58,000 people, 89% of whom are Inuit, it remains a “semiautonomous region” under Danish rule whose main…

March Sea Ice: Arctic Stable Since 2005; Antarctica Above Mean

There are two months that are of particular interest in the Arctic: September, when sea ice reaches its minimum, and March, when it reaches its maximum. Gains 504,000 sq km. Today we look at Arctic sea ice extent data for…

Earth Day 2021: 5 Documentaries That Raise Awareness On Global Warming – Tatler Philippines

Photo: Matt Palmer on Unsplash By Jove Moya April 16, 2021 Raising awareness is an essential element in preventing climate change. One of the best ways to educate others is through in-depth documentaries that show the aftermath of global warming….

In the climate change fight, the Interior Department becomes a battlefield – The Washington Post

The next month, the White House backed away from its initial choice for Interior deputy secretary after Manchin suggested she was too hostile to fossil fuels and declined to meet with her. The senator has declined to comment about the…

Russia Vulnerable to Climate Change, Causing Expensive Natural Disasters – Insurance Journal

Article 0 Comments The residents of Irkutsk, one of Russia’s coldest regions, are used to harsh winters. But when the temperature dropped to negative 60 degrees Celsius (-76 Fahrenheit) last January, even they had to submit to the elements. “Please…

Snow chaos in Europe caused by melting sea-ice in the Arctic

(UiT The Arctic University of Norway) The April snow falling on fruit blossoms in Europe these days may be directly connected to the loss of the sea ice in the Barents Sea in the Arctic.  That was definitely the case in 2018 when the sudden cold spell known as “Beast from the East” descended on the mid-latitudes of the continent,  a new study in Nature Geoscience shows.

Modeling past and future glacial floods in northern Greenland

(Hokkaido University) Hokkaido University researchers have clarified different causes of past glacial river floods in the far north of Greenland, and what it means for the region’s residents as the climate changes.

Drama Queen John Kerry: Climate Action Needed To Avoid Global ‘Suicide Pact’

President Joe Biden’s special enjoy for climate change John Kerry said in an interview Thursday during his recent trip to India that immediate action is required to stem the effects of climate change and avoid a “mutual suicide pact across…

New study: Thick sea-ice warms Greenland fjords

(Stockholm University) A new study shows that thick sea-ice can increase the sensitivity of Greenlandic fjords to climate warming. Understanding the factors that control how fast glaciers move, break up and deposit chunks of ice (icebergs) into the fjords – and eventually the sea – is vital for predicting how the Greenland ice sheet will change under a warming climate and for predicting global rates of sea-level rise.