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13 fun and sustainable activities to enjoy before summer ends

The dog days of summer linger from early morning until late into the evening, providing plenty of opportunities to play, travel and work in the yard. If you’re focused on making sure those summer activities are earth-friendly, we’ve brainstormed some ideas to get you into the great outdoors without leaving a heavy footprint in your wake.

Architectural History Offers Clues to Low-Carbon Relief from the Heat

As demand for air conditioning grows in the developing world, nature-based design could provide climate-friendly alternatives. The Hawa Mahal, a striking five-story palace in Jaipur, India, dates back to 1799, long before the invention of air conditioning.  Built for use…

Foraging for information: Machine learning decodes genetic influence over behavior

Mice scurry around while foraging for food, but genetics may be the unseen hand controlling these meandering movements. Researchers are using machine learning to draw links between genetic controls that shape incremental steps of instinctive and learned behaviors.