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News about Climate Change and our Planet


UN conference hears litany of water disasters linked to climate crisis

Water is at the heart of the climate crisis, with an increasingly dire carousel of droughts, floods and sea level rise felt “making our planet uninhabitable”, the secretary general of the United Nations, António Guterres, has warned. On the second…

The IPCC’s climate report has drawn the battle lines for Cop28: oil profits or a livable future | Simon Lewis

Yesterday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a new synthesis report. The document is important because 195 governments commissioned it and the summary was agreed line by line. It is accepted fact by nations worldwide, and a shared basis…

Climate change requires action now, landmark report says – NBC News

The chance to secure a livable future for everyone on Earth is slipping away. That was the dire message from a United Nations report released Monday, the culmination of more than six years of work by thousands of climate scientists…

From climate change ‘certainty’ to rapid decline: a timeline of IPCC reports

We were warned. From the “certainty” of rising greenhouse gas emissions in 1992 to “widespread” and “unprecedented” impacts on humanity by 2014, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been the beacon of climate science for the world….

800-Year-Old Gold Hoard with Stunning Earrings Unearthed in Germany

Hoard Alert! The metal detectives of Europe strike gold once again—this time in Germany as bejeweled earrings and silver coins are turned up in Schleswig-Holstein. The jewelry was all of gold and probably made by the Byzantines. The rings, earrings, and a brooch, all studded with gems, were deliberately buried along with 30 coins minted […]

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Twenty-five trailblazing women leading the fight against climate change – Reuters

March 7 – With so many extraordinary women engaged in the battle against climate change, the biggest task in compiling Reuters Impact’s list of trailblazing women for International Women’s Day was whittling down our long list to only 25. We…

Think Sunak’s anti-refugee stance is bad? Just wait till the climate crisis truly ravages poorer countries | Owen Jones

Consider Abdul, a 26-year-old Darfuri refugee whose fellow villagers were burnt to death by Janjaweed, an Arab-supremacist militia. Think of Parwaiz, a cherubic 15-year-old Afghan boy with striking blue eyes, his father blown apart by a Taliban bomb. Or ponder…

Germany’s climate envoy wants clear G-7 leadership on global … – Kyodo News Plus

Germany’s climate envoy called on the Group of Seven leaders to make clear commitments toward resolving the devastating effects of climate change by putting it at the top of their agenda when they meet in May in Japan. Jennifer Morgan,…

‘We have no time to lose’: Ban Ki-moon criticises climate finance delays

The former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has warned that the world’s largest fund to help developing nations weather the climate crisis remains an “empty shell”, despite decades of promises by rich nations. “We need to see a massive acceleration…

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