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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


To fight climate change, environmentalists may have to give up a core belief – The Washington Post

Listen 6 min Comment on this story Comment Gift Article For decades, environmentalists have made their mark by stopping things. Petroleum facilities that spew toxic air pollution. Pipelines that cut across Indigenous lands. Drilling for oil and gas. But climate…

Biden’s War On Natural Gas Is A Crime Against Humanity

Over the next several years, millions of people will die from hunger-related diseases, cold temperatures, and air pollution as a direct result of natural gas shortages. All of those deaths have been going down over the last several decades. But…


Can Biden’s climate bill undo the fossil fuel industry’s decades of harm?

The scientists’ warning to the US president on climate crisis was stark: the world’s countries were conducting a vast, dangerous experiment through their enormous release of planet-heating emissions, which threaten to be “deleterious from the point of view of human…

Surprise Deal Would Be Most Ambitious Climate Action Undertaken by U.S. – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — The $369 billion climate and tax package forged in a surprise deal by Senate Democrats on Wednesday would be the most ambitious action ever taken by the United States to try to stop the planet from catastrophically overheating….

World methane emissions are heading in the wrong direction, study says – The Washington Post

Placeholder while article actions load Kayrros, a firm that analyzes satellite data, says methane emissions from fossil fuels have intensified, rising faster than the rebound in oil, gas and coal production since the easing of the coronavirus pandemic — a…

Thanks To Enviros, Boston Is Still Buying Russian Gas (And Paying Top Dollar)

Europe is vulnerable and needs our natural gas; prices are absurdly high and going higher. Yet, everyone in the oil and gas industry is afraid to invest any money, even if they have financing available. Who wants to start a…

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