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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

anthropogenic climate change

Enhancement of river flooding due to global warming | Scientific Reports –

Extreme weather events (e.g., heavy precipitation and flooding) can have devastating effects on human society and the environment. Heavy precipitation events, a major contributor to flooding, have increased in recent years, especially in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, due…

Is liberal governance unable to deal with global threats? – The Conversation

The translated version of the original article in French has been updated to include the authors’ comments on COP27. Since the Rio de Janeiro Declaration of 1992, government representatives have flocked to one Conferences of the Parties (COP) after the…

2021 North American heatwave amplified by climate change-driven nonlinear interactions –

Popovich, N. & Choi-Schagrin, W. Hidden toll of the Northwest heat wave: hundreds of extra deaths. The New York Times (11 August 2021). Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19 (CDC, 2021); Heat-Related Deaths in B.C. Knowledge Update (BC Coroners Service,…

Survey: Healthy Skepticism Overcoming The Climate Fearmongers

A huge international survey measuring public concern about the threat of climate change appears to indicate growing skepticism across the globe. The Gallup Risk Poll, which questioned 125,000 people in 121 countries, reported that less than half of those surveyed saw anthropogenic climate change as a very serious threat….

Gates’ climate-tech firm to devote money to climate change adaptation – CNBC

Eric Toone, one half of the investing committee at Breakthrough Energy, speaks to conference attendees at the breakthrough Energy Summit in Seattle on Wednesday October 19, 2022. Photo by Cat Clifford, CNBC SEATTLE — Breakthrough Energy Ventures, the climate-technology investment…

Regime Pseudoscientists Enforce Climate Change Narrative

Although the field of experimental psychology has a very dubious track record in meeting scientific standards, it is nevertheless continually used to discredit the views of select subjects under study. It does this by pathologizing said subjects and their views….

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