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Global Warming Is Pushing Microbes into Damaging Climate Feedback Loops & Raising Health Risks – InsideClimate News

All life on Earth evolved from microorganisms in the primordial slime, and billions of years later, the planet’s smallest life forms—including bacteria, plankton and viruses—are still fundamental to the biosphere. They cycle minerals and nutrients through soil, water and the…

Boaty McBoatface Is Now Studying Global Warming – Popular Mechanics

Povl Abrahamsen, British Antarctic Survey A few years ago, the British Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) went unexpectedly viral when the Internet took over a voting campaign to name a new research vessel. Left open for suggestions, the poll became…

On maiden voyage, Boaty McBoatface identifies significant culprit in rising sea levels

Boaty McBoatface has gone where no autonomous vehicle has ever gone before — and come back with answers. The little submarine that could has found a link between increasing Antarctic winds and rising sea temperatures. The robotic sub earned its…

Seals help researchers understand strange holes in Antarctic sea ice

Huge holes have popped up randomly on the surface of Weddell Sea in Antarctica since at least the 1970s. For years, scientists have been baffled about their appearance and mysterious origin. With the help of high-tech seals and floating robots,…

13 images and facts about misunderstood bats

Bats can be a little scary-looking, but the diverse flying mammals are broadly beneficial to the ecosystems where they — and we — live. Below are 13 facts about these underappreciated creatures. 1. Bats account for about 20 percent of…

7 Endangered Places You Should See Before It’s Too Late – Outside Magazine

If you think strictly in terms of global warming, the list of must-see, critically endangered natural settings is relatively straightforward. It’s also very long. A number of places have been dubbed the “ground zero of climate change” by the media, including…

Climate change: sea level rise could displace millions of people within two generations

Posted on 11 June 2019 by Guest Author Jonathan Bamber, Professor of Physical Geography, University of Bristol and Michael Oppenheimer, Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs, Princeton University This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license….


ANTARCTICA: Huge holes open in sea ice. What’s that about?

A strange event occurred off the Antarctic coast in the dark midwinter of 2016. A gaping hole opened in the middle of the sea ice on the Weddell Sea, eventually expanding to nearly 13,000 square miles in size. It was the largest ice break observed in that region for decades.

Mysterious holes in Antarctic sea ice explained by years of robotic data

Why did a giant hole appear in the sea ice off Antarctica in 2016 and 2017, after decades of more typical sea ice cover? Years of Southern Ocean data have explained the phenomenon, helping oceanographers to better predict these features and study their role in global ocean cycles.

Patagonia Ice Sheets Thicker Than Previously Thought, Study Finds

After conducting a comprehensive, seven-year survey of Patagonia, glaciologists from the University of California, Irvine and partner institutions in Argentina and Chile have concluded that the ice sheets in this vast region of South America are considerably more massive than…