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Snowstorms, the breach of the Arctic vortex and the effects of ice meltwater on the oceans

by Andrew Glikson Warnings by leading climate scientists regarding the high sensitivity of the atmosphere in response to abrupt compositional changes, such as near-doubling of greenhouse gas concentrations, are now manifest: According to Wallace Broecker, (the “father” of climate science)…

Steady now: Unfortunate timing and rate of change may be enough to tip a climate system

(University of Copenhagen – Faculty of Science) Unpredictable, abrupt changes to Earth’s system of ocean currents could commence from rate-induced tipping, model study shows. ‘The findings point to fundamental limitations inclimate predictability,’ authors warn.

Watch a Billion Years of Shifting Tectonic Plates Forming Our Continents in 40 Seconds

One billion years of Earth’s geological movements have been summarized in a 40-second video, in which the continents and oceans flit about like amorous butterflies while demonstrating just how mobile the surface of the Earth actually is. The history of plate tectonics, the slipping and sliding around of the Earth’s crust and the continents, has […]

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Dark streaks on Mars may be caused by salts and melting ice

Researchers at the SETI Institute say that unusual dark streaks on sun-facing slopes on Mars, debated about for years, may be small landslides caused by a combination of salts and melting ice just below the surface.

NASA-funded network tracks the recent rise and fall of ozone depleting pollutants

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) A short-lived resurgence in the emission of ozone depleting pollutants in eastern China will not significantly delay the recovery of Earth’s protective ‘sunscreen’ layer, according to new research published Feb. 10 in Nature.

How icebergs really melt — and what this could mean for climate change

(University of Sydney) Iceberg melt is responsible for about half the fresh water entering the ocean from the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. Accurately modelling how it enters is important for understanding potential impact on ocean circulation.

How is the Polar Vortex Linked to Climate Change? – Treehugger

For the Central and Eastern United States, this has been a particularly brutal winter. Fargo, North Dakota has seen sub-zero temperatures since February 5, The Washington  Post reported, while New York City has gotten hit with around 22 inches of…

Reversing Global Warming: The Glitter Belt Way – Swarajya

The industrialised former colonisers are facing economic competition from the former colonies. The latest in a long series of global movements demands reduction of carbon emissions. This happens to target nations with coal-fired economies and poor people with wood-fired cooking….

The extreme rate of global warming: IPCC Oversights of future climate trends

by Andrew Glikson Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports and comprehensive summaries of the peer-reviewed literature raise questions regarding the assumptions inherent in computer modelling of future climate changes, including the supposed linearity of future global temperature trends (Figure…