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News about Climate Change and our Planet


EU Recovery Fund Has Costly Green Strings Attached

The European Union’s proposed €750 billion ($829B) fund to help the bloc recover from the coronavirus crisis will have green strings attached, with 25% of all funding set aside for climate action, the European Commission has said. It’s now official:…

Ford, Rivian, Others Scrap E-Vehicle Plans Amid Pandemic

The economic and logistical toll of the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the rollout of several electric vehicle models, and even canceling one project. Driving the news: Ford and the EV startup Rivian just scrapped plans to jointly develop a vehicle…

A beloved exoplanet turns to dust

Fomalhaut b was thought to be one of the few exoplanets photographed so far, but new observations from the Hubble Space Telescope show it’s really an expanding dust cloud.

Two (potentially) exciting new exoplanet discoveries

Scientists just announced 2 new exciting updates about exoplanets. One is a potentially habitable world similar in size and temperature to Earth. The other is a possible new planet – possibly with rings – orbiting the closest star to our sun, Proxima Centauri.

Pandemic Kills Earth Day Rallies But Extremist Agenda Lives On

The coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on large gatherings on Earth Day next week, but it has not stopped activists from using the occasion to advance their agenda, including ending the threat of climate change and ending the use…

Coronavirus lockdowns have sent pollution plummeting. Environmentalists worry about what comes next. –

Traffic-free roads, plane-free skies and widespread brick-and-mortar closings have made the planet a beneficiary of the coronavirus pandemic — but only in the short term. Li Shuo, senior climate and energy policy officer at Greenpeace in Beijing, said it’s not…


EMISSIONS: Coronavirus threatens Europe’s green transition

Before the pandemic halted daily life and shattered economies, the European Union had set a course for a difficult re-invention. By 2050, the bloc had decreed, under the banner of its Green Deal, there would be no net greenhouse gas emissions from the entire continent. The announcement Wednesday that the COP26 climate summit, which had been scheduled for November in Glasgow, would be cancelled due to the novel coronavirus only underscores what had already become readily apparent. Europe’s commitment to meeting its energy goals — and to the prioritization of climate-friendly policies at all costs — is being tested.

Major Climate Summit In Glasgow Postponed Over COVID-19

A key climate summit in Glasgow will be delayed until next year due to disruption caused by the coronavirus. The announcement was made in a joint statement from the UK and UN after a “virtual” meeting of officials. Dozens of…