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A couple is buying land — and letting it go wild

[embedded content] Compared to the barren, brown stretch of land that juts up against it, the Singh family’s lot sticks out like a green thumb. In the video above produced by Mongabay India, you can see how the sprawling acres…

What is thundersnow?

[embedded content] Have you ever heard thunder during a big snowstorm? If so, you’ve experienced an extremely rare weather occurrence. The ingredients necessary for thundersnow are so uncommon that it’s estimated that only .07 percent of snowstorms are associated with…

Global warming challenges grapegrowers to find answers – Napa Valley Register

Global temperature increases are affecting grapevines, and vineyardists are looking for answers. As temperatures rise, the results are increased variability and extreme weather conditions. Exactly how the Napa Valley and other wine-growing regions respond and work to help alleviate the…

Even the Hardy Tardigrade Will Take a Hit From Global Warming – InsideClimate News

Scientists increasingly have been linking global warming with plant and animal die-offs now happening at a rate comparable to some of Earth’s worst mass extinction events.  Heat takes a toll in many different ways. Cold-blooded animals like fish and reptiles…

Amazon forest disturbance is changing how plants are dispersed

(British Ecological Society) New research finds tropical forest disturbance goes beyond species loss and includes a shift towards smaller seeds and an increase in the proportion of trees dispersed by animals, impacting how the ecosystem functions. The findings are published in the British Ecological Society journal, Journal of Ecology.

USask study reveals origin of endangered Colombian poison frog hybrids

(University of Saskatchewan) The origin of an understudied hybrid population of poisonous frogs — highly endangered colorful animals that live deep in the Colombian jungle — is the result of natural breeding and not caused by wildlife traffickers moving them, a University of Saskatchewan (USask) study shows.

Sarcastic Fringehead Fights For Territory | Life | BBC Earth

The sarcastic fringehead is a particularly quarrelsome neighbour. The gaping jaws really hammer home the phrase “No trespassers”.Subscribe: Watch more:Planet Earth Planet Earth II Dinosaur LifeDavid Attenborough narrates a breathtaking ten-part blockbuster that brings you…

12 captivating images from the Sony World Photography Awards

Gorgeous landscapes and emotional portraits are just some of the elements captured by the finalist and shortlisted entries in the Sony World Photography Awards. In its 13th year, the 2020 competition received more than 345,000 images from 203 countries and…

How learning about fish can help us save the Amazon rainforest

(Field Museum) They might not be as popular as jaguars and parrots, but fish hold the key to lots of the Amazon rainforest’s secrets. Studying the different kinds of fish living in the region’s lakes and rivers helps scientists understand how rainforest ecosystems are connected. An investigation of fish populations is helping scientists make a case that protecting one tiny corner of the Guiana Shield can help protect rivers and biodiversity across the Amazon.

Brazilians Get Juicy Tax Breaks When They Adopt Animals, Plant Trees, or Hail Historic Roots

A slew of Brazilian cities are passing laws that offer tax deductions or exemptions for citizens who want to pitch in to restore the health and beauty of their communities. Whether by increasing tourism, restoring historic city centers, or boosting beautification by planting trees and maintaining their lawns, there are several ways residents of Goiânia, […]

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