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SCIENCE: Warming in Yellowstone most intense in 1,250 years

Summers in the nation’s first and oldest national park are rapidly heating up, new research finds. For the last two decades, Yellowstone National Park has been warming at its most intense rates in at least 1,250 years.


SUPREME COURT: Inside Barrett’s family ties to Big Oil

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s father was a highly active member of the American Petroleum Institute for more than two decades, according to interviews with four former colleagues.

Nations Must Drop Fossil Fuels, Fast, World Energy Body Warns – The New York Times

The unevenness in global action comes even as scientists warn that the damages from rising temperatures are already reverberating around the globe. A report by the Environmental Protection Agency published last week found that in the United States, wildfires are…

How oil capitalists conspired to spread climate change denialism — in 1988 – Salon

In the summer of 1988, the United States experienced the worst heat waves and droughts since the Dust Bowl. Ominous images of burning forests, withering fields and sweltering cities filled the American press and elicited nervous suspicion: was this the…

Exxon oil company blames individuals for climate change, Harvard study finds –

To understand why ExxonMobil has been so effective at shaping the US narrative about climate change in the US for some 40 years, look no further than the words of one of the company’s communications strategists, Mobil Vice President of…

The world needs to dramatically cut methane emissions to avoid worst of climate change, UN says – CNBC

Flames from a flaring pit near a well in the Bakken Oil Field. The primary component of natural gas is methane, which is odorless when it comes directly out of the gas well. In addition to methane, natural gas typically…

Renewed climate change fight bodes well for Earth observation sectors – SpaceNews

TAMPA, Fla. — Companies that build or operate Earth observation satellites foresee busier days ahead as governments, and businesses, step up climate change initiatives. Geospatial monitoring is key for tracking, understanding and ultimately cutting greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to…

In the climate change fight, the Interior Department becomes a battlefield – The Washington Post

The next month, the White House backed away from its initial choice for Interior deputy secretary after Manchin suggested she was too hostile to fossil fuels and declined to meet with her. The senator has declined to comment about the…