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How to cut the cable cord and not miss a thing

The Internet is taking over everything. For the first time, the number of people watching cable TV in America dropped by a quarter of a million subscribers in 2013. That’s not a lot out of 100 million subscribers, but fast…

Here’s your answer when someone asks ‘How can it be so cold if there’s global warming?’ – FOX 59 Indianapolis

The first significant cold snap of the season hits and somebody wonders what happened to global warming. × Here’s your answer when someone asks ‘How can it be so cold if there’s global warming?’ The first significant cold snap of the…


Study shows where global renewable energy investments have greatest benefits

New study finds that the amount of climate and health benefits achieved from renewable energy depends on the country where it is installed. Countries with higher carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and more air pollution, such as India, China, and areas in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, achieve greater climate and health benefits per megawatt (MW) of renewable energy installed than those operating in areas such as North America, Brazil, and parts of Europe.


ENERGY TRANSITIONS: Just one new coal plant is planned — and it’s on the ropes

Time is running out on plans to build a new coal plant in Kansas. The Holcomb 2 plant, an 895-megawatt unit planned by Sunflower Electric Power Corp., is the only new coal-fired power plant on the drawing board in America today.

Manakin birds have all best dance moves | Seven Worlds, One Planet | BBC Earth

Manakins in South America synchronise their dance moves too woo females.Subscribe: Watch more:Planet Earth Planet Earth II Dinosaur Seven Worlds, One Planet Episode 3 ‘South America’ Millions of years ago incredible forces ripped apart the…

AOC: Combatting Climate Change Means Fighting ‘White Supremacy’

On Saturday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) claimed that fighting “white supremacy” is a fundamental part of combatting climate change. She also attacked “consultants” who would encourage climate activists to focus on solar panels more than social justice. “The way we…

Q&A With James Greenberger: Top Trends & New Innovations In Energy Storage

James GreenbergerRapid solar industry growth has powered the innovation and utilization of energy storage. Noticing the increasing integration and emerging complementary opportunities, the Intersolar North America team made a conscious decision to incorporate energy storage more fully into the 2020 event content. They recently interviewed James Greenberger, the Executive Director of NAATBatt International

'Downsize' shows you how to think big when living small

In 1907, humorist Gelett Burgess wrote some self-congratulatory comments on the jacket of his new book, purportedly written by a Miss Belinda Blurb. Burgess noted “On the ‘jacket’ of the ‘latest’ fiction, we find the blurb; abounding in agile adjectives…