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10 zoonotic diseases (meaning they travel from animal to human)

We often spend a lot of time with animals, whether it’s hanging out with pets at home or crossing paths with wildlife in the great outdoors. Sharing space and time with creatures can also mean sharing diseases with them. Scientists…

Build Your Own Solutions to the Climate Crisis With the En-Roads Climate Simulator – EcoWatch

<h2>Frozen but Abundant</h2><p>Antarctica separated from South America 35 million years ago, and its climate started to change. It began to grow <a href=”” target=”_blank”>ice sheets</a> – masses of glacial land ice covering thousands of square miles. As plate tectonics shifted…

9 interesting facts about the Nile River

The Nile is one of the most famous rivers anywhere on our planet, and rightfully so. While all rivers are important for people and wildlife who live nearby, the Nile looms especially large, both literally and figuratively. Here are a…

New species of Allosaurus discovered in Utah

(University of Utah) A remarkable new species of meat-eating dinosaur, Allosaurus jimmadseni, was unveiled at the Natural History Museum of Utah. The huge carnivore inhabited the flood plains of western North America during the Late Jurassic Period, between 157-152 million years ago, making it the geologically oldest species of Allosaurus, predating the more well-known state fossil of Utah, Allosaurus fragilis.

On climate change, American voters sound more like Team Greta than Team Donald Trump – USA TODAY

The world was offered starkly conflicting views of the future this week as an American president in full climate-change denial shared the spotlight in Davos, Switzerland, with a 17-year-old Swedish girl who is the Earth’s most prominent environmental activist. Donald Trump’s vision was of a…

Why Isn’t Greta Sailing To China To Whine At President Xi?

Children should be seen and not heard. That used to be a common philosophy. Anti-child? Full of contempt and bitterness? No. Ageist? Threatened by a younger generation? No. Children are ignorant. Not stupid. No, children are not intrinsically stupid. Besides,…


A Zika vaccine could save suffering and costs

A new study found that routinely giving the Zika vaccine to women of childbearing age could save money if the risk of Zika is around that of other mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and chikungunya.

Watch a massive bald eagle take off from a Boston street in slow motion

[embedded content] The bald eagle is the second largest raptor in North America. The massive bird of prey captured in the video above weighs in the larger end of the scale. The slow-motion footage was captured by Matt Karolian, the…

What gray hair says about your health

Those first few strands of grays on your head are often not a welcome sight. They’re a sign that we’re getting older, whether they arrive prematurely in our 20s or spare us until we’re in our late 30s. But in…

Global warming could have a negative impact on biodiversity generation processes

(Universidad Pablo de Olavide UPO) An international team led by researchers from Pablo de Olavide University (UPO) and the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) has carried out research that suggests global warming could have a negative impact on the processes that generate biodiversity. This is one of the conclusions of a study that focuses on the causes of the evolutionary success of Carex, one of the worlds’ three largest genera of flowering plants.