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News about Climate Change and our Planet



FINANCE: Amazon, Exxon called out over climate transparency Inc., Exxon Mobil Corp. and Volvo are among more than 700 companies being targeted in a campaign backed by a large group of investors advocating for greater transparency when it comes to environmental impact.

Modified enzyme can increase second-generation ethanol production

(Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) Using a protein produced by a fungus that lives in the Amazon, Brazilian researchers developed a molecule capable of increasing glucose release from biomass for fermentation.

7 creative techniques to keep coral reefs alive

We’ve heard plenty about the rapid and dramatic loss of coral reefs over the last decades. According to some estimates, as much as half of the world’s coral has already disappeared in the last 30 years alone. Parts of Australia’s…

7 Endangered Places You Should See Before It’s Too Late – Outside Magazine

If you think strictly in terms of global warming, the list of must-see, critically endangered natural settings is relatively straightforward. It’s also very long. A number of places have been dubbed the “ground zero of climate change” by the media, including…

What is the Gulf of Mexico dead zone?

[embedded content] The Mississippi River is America’s aquatic aorta, pumping life through 2,350 miles of U.S. heartland. Its network of tributaries covers 1.2 million square miles, drains 30 states and is the third-largest river basin on Earth, after the Amazon…