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Cool ways to skip the air conditioning and still keep your home chill

As the searing summer months approach and drag on, finding ways to keep your house cool will make you more comfortable. Chilling out without the use of energy-thirsty air conditioning will not only save you money but is good for the planet, too.

Cutting potentially harmful chemicals like PFAS from consumer goods

Human exposure to unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals could be greatly reduced if manufacturers add chemicals only when they are truly essential in terms of health, safety and functioning of society.

Guest blog – The Ethics of Animal Exploitation part 2 by Alick Simmons

Alick Simmons is a veterinarian, naturalist and photographer.  After a period in private practice, he followed a 35-year career as a Government veterinarian, latterly as the UK Government’s Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer. Alick’s lifelong passion is wildlife; he volunteers for…

DiCaprio’s ‘Ice On Fire’ Doc Is A Climate Alarmist’s Dream

Leonardo DiCaprio returns, not as a starring actor, but as producer and narrator of a new climate documentary. “Ice on Fire,” now available through HBO, covers what director Leila Conners and her team view as the existential “climate crisis” facing…

Why meat consumption isn't sustainable

Quite often, I meet people — well-meaning, thoughtful, caring people who are vigilant about their meat consumption, who insist that if we grass-fed all the beef, if we free-ranged all the chickens, the world would be a better, cleaner place….

5 alternatives to talc powder

Baby powder has been in the headlines frequently over the last couple of years, leaving many to wonder what that means for their personal routines. The most recent case involved Patricia Schmitz, who was awarded $12 million in June 2019….


Ending animal exploitation in tourism with World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection works internationally to end the suffering of animals and urge all people to do more to protect our furred, feathered and scaly neighbors. World Animal Protection (formerly World Society for the Protection of Animals) works on many fronts, including wild animals, farmed animals and those suddenly displaced by disasters. Ontario-based campaign director Melissa Matlow talked to Inhabitat about World Animal Protection’s work to end the exploitation of animals in the name of…