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American robins migrating 12 days earlier than they did 25 years ago

American robins can be found year-round almost anywhere in North America, from Canada’s lower provinces and southward, but many of the birds in northern areas head south for the winter. Recently, researchers have found that these robins have been migrating…

NOAA Has Kept Records On Global Warming For Decades. COVID-19 Could Disrupt It All – Colorado Public Radio

Every workday for Scientist Eric Moglia starts the same. He drives to the shipping and receiving department to retrieve packages from far-flung spots like Alaska, Mongolia and Algeria. Inside them is precious information about climate change. But those packages might stop…

If a warm U.S. winter was ‘a preview of global warming,’ what part did a polar vortex play? –

The winter that just ended was the sixth-warmest on record in the contiguous United States, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. And one feature of that winter was a strong zonal, west-to-east flowing polar vortex. Wait, what? Usually…

Hidden source of carbon found at the Arctic coast

(University of Texas at Austin) A previously unknown significant source of carbon just discovered in the Arctic has scientists marveling at a once overlooked contributor to local coastal ecosystems — and concerned about what it may mean in an era of climate change.

FSU Research: Hidden source of carbon found at the Arctic coast

(Florida State University) FSU researcher Robert Spencer co-authored a study that showed evidence of undetected concentrations and flows of dissolved organic matter entering Arctic coastal waters, coming from groundwater flows on top of frozen permafrost. This water moves from land to sea unseen, but researchers now believe it carries significant concentrations of carbon and other nutrients to Arctic coastal food webs.


BRITAIN: Adviser Carney says virus won’t change emissions cut plans

Mark Carney, the former Bank of England chief who is now advising U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on climate finance, said Britain’s commitment to cutting carbon emissions remains undimmed amid the coronavirus pandemic.


CONSERVATION: Trend of ‘re-wilding’ lawns aims to help wildlife

“Re-wilding” is the trend toward diversifying traditional lawns by putting in native plants that flower and fruit, boosting wildlife populations. It returns more control of the home landscape to nature.