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Nearly 200 US cities are seeing more extremely hot days, analysis finds

Nearly 200 US cities have seen an increase in the number of days each year that soar beyond a heat index of 90F (32.2C) or higher, according to an analysis of the last four decades. How US cities are scrambling…

What Greenland Might Have Taught Trump about Warming – Scientific American

In an apparent disappointment for President Trump, the Danish government has made it clear: Greenland is not for sale. The Wall Street Journal first reported Thursday that Trump had repeatedly expressed an interest in buying the semiautonomous Danish territory and that he…


The ‘tipping point’ has arrived as temperatures rise in 70 US counties

Looks like the heat is on this summer … even in Alaska thanks to what has been referred to as the “tipping point.” Apparently, the warnings about 2 degrees Celsius of warming — or the global average forewarned against in the 2015 Paris Agreement centered on climate change — has hit some places in the United States pretty hard. Related: For
example, according to the Washington Post the fastest state to experience such warming is
Alaska which has seen a recent increase


Cities replace citation fees with school, pet supply donations

In many cities
around the country, getting a parking ticket is an opportunity to do good.
Police departments in cities from Anchorage Alaska, to Las Vegas to Woodstock
Virginia allow parking violators to pay for their tickets by donating school or
pet supplies to local schools or shelters. “Nobody likes to get a parking ticket. But if
you can pay it forward and give a donation of school supplies that will help
somebody, it kind of makes it less bad.” Said Las Vegas city spokesman,
Jace Radke. Vegas…