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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate change: Why some detractors say Earth is not in crisis – Deseret News

Utah author Bill Pekny wrote a book with 13 chapters describing climate change, full of charts, colorful graphics and “key takeaways” after each segment in which he impresses upon his readers why his research matters, and should offer comfort to…

Alpine plants are losing their white “protective coat”

(University of Basel) Snow cover in the Alps has been melting almost three days earlier per decade since the 1960s. This trend is temperature-related and cannot be compensated by heavier snowfall. By the end of the century, snow cover at 2,500 meters could disappear a month earlier than today, as simulations by environmental scientists at the University of Basel demonstrate.

Scientists more confident projecting ENSO changes under global warming – EurekAlert

IMAGE: The responses to ENSO of boundary layer humidity, rainfall, tropospheric temperature and circulation are amplified in a warmer climate view more  Credit: IAP El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is an irregular periodic variation in winds and sea surface temperatures (SSTs) over…

Milky Way season has started!

Spring brings flowers to the landscape and photos of the Milky Way to EarthSky! Enjoy these photos of our galaxy taken in 2021, and keep your eye on this space for more to come!

Annotated Bibliography: Synthetic Turf and Climate, health, biodiversity and microplastics pollution issues

Increasing use of synthetic surfaces and synthetic turf is problematic for Several reasons.  Synthetic turf is: Derived from fossil fuel petrochemical industry Produces greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing and as it degrades Increases landfill at end of life Produces micro-plastic…

Scientists more confident projecting ENSO changes under global warming

(Chinese Academy of Sciences Headquarters) Scientists from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and their collaborators are more confident in projecting ENSO changes under global warming, although ENSO-related climate variability seems doomed to increase.

Green Investing: How to Align Your Portfolio With the Paris Agreement – Visual Capitalist

With many countries and companies formalizing commitments to meeting the Paris Agreement carbon emissions reduction goals, the pressure to decarbonize is on. A common commitment from organizations is a “net-zero” pledge to both reduce and balance carbon emissions with carbon…

Climate policy is important, but the bigger challenge is cultural change | TheHill – The Hill

The Biden administration’s bold new moves on climate change are setting the U.S. on a new path toward reducing its effects in the coming years. Changing the institutional rules that guide the actions of agencies, corporations, organizations and individuals is vital to…

Global Warming Vs. Climate Change: Your Questions Answered – Greener Ideal

One of the biggest issues facing the world right now is climate change. Despite what you may have heard in the political arena, climate change is not a debated topic — at least not among scientists. The vast majority (97%+)…