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Climate change increases renters’ risks – Yale Climate Connections

In 2000, almost 8,000 affordable housing units in the United States were at risk from annual coastal flooding. By 2050, this number could rise to 24,518, according to a recent analysis by Climate Central. The nonprofit science-journalism organization found that…

No storm in a teacup as research finds climate change threatens future of the British cuppa – Sky News

Climate change could be about to impact a British institution – by changing the taste of a cup of tea, research has warned. Extreme weather and rising temperatures could affect both the amount of land available for growing tea and…

Why Germany’s coal compromise failed to end the debate

(Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. (IASS)) Can expert commissions develop solutions for controversial issues that will enjoy broad democratic support? Researchers from the IASS have analysed the work of Germany’s “Coal Exit Commission” using a set of new criteria. While the authors view positively the Commission’s success in reaching a compromise, they criticise its failure to deliver an outcome that promotes the common good, particularly with respect to high costs of the coal exit and its unambitious contribution towards climate goals.

Johnson, Merkel Urge Economic Powers to Pledge Toward Climate Change – Voice of America

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the world’s economic powers Thursday not to shy away from serious investments in combating climate change. Merkel hosted the 2021 Petersburg Climate Dialogue, an online conference designed to drive international…

Climate Po-Po: Will Britain Really Go To War Over The Climate?

Senior politicians and officials seem to be carving out a new green role for Britain’s armed forces and so-called ‘intelligence’ agencies. According to these reports, troops and spies could soon be doing Gaia’s work… protecting the Amazon from loggers, and covertly monitoring…

Adopt a Gargoyle and Help Fund the Rebuilding of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

When most people think about adding a new creature to the family menagerie, images of “fuzzy” and “cute” spring to mind. Gargoyles and demons? Maybe not so much. But gargoyles and demons need love, too. “Love is like a tree,” wrote Victor Hugo his classic Hunchback of Notre Dame. “It shoots of itself; it strikes […]

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New view of species interactions offers clues to preserve threatened ecosystems

(University of California – San Diego) Scientists from around the world have produced a new analysis–believed to be the most detailed study of specialized ecological data from global forests–that is furthering science’s understanding of species interactions and how diversity contributes to the preservation of ecosystem health.


EXTREME WEATHER: FEMA seeks help to purge inequality in disaster aid

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has launched a sweeping review of its disaster aid programs to evaluate whether they are unfair to minorities and other disadvantaged groups and if they are adequately addressing climate change.


EXTREME WEATHER: Long waits for U.S. disaster aid spur state calls for reform

Senior officials from the nation’s three largest states urged the Biden administration and Congress yesterday to expedite and simplify a process that has delayed the release of tens of billions of dollars in federal aid to communities hit by natural disasters.