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How Can You Support a Circular Economy?

You keep hearing about a circular economy, but you’re not sure what it is. A circular economy is best summed up as an economy where consumers, communities, and manufacturers work together to reduce waste by reusing recyclable materials.How a Circular Economy WorksTake a closer look at exactly what happens with a circular economy. Start with […]

Forced Labor, Slavery Playing Key Role In Making Cheap Renewable Energy

Jewher Ilham last saw her father seven years ago. “I don’t even know if he’s alive,” said Ilham, a Chinese-born Uyghur Muslim. “My cousin, she was a nurse, she was sentenced to 10 years for having a photo and an…


What Can You Do If Labor Shortages Pause Curbside Recycling In Your Community?

Labor shortages are hitting cities across the U.S. Waste and recycling is just one industry impacted by the lack of applicants. Jacksonville, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; Miami, Florida; Detroit, Michigan; and Northampton, Pennsylvania, are just a few cities struggling to find enough drivers for recycling and trash pick-ups in the past few months. Currently, more […]


12 Unique Ways Recyclables Are Being Reused

Break down the numbers when it comes to household waste. There was over 294 tons of waste generated in the U.S. during 2018. Of that, about 94 million tons were recycled correctly or composted. That’s about 32% of all waste is recycled. Many states want to improve recycling rates. It often means coming up with […]

Carpet brand Interface aims to run its business “in a way that reverses global warming” – Dezeen

Carpet-tile manufacturer Interface aims to achieve negative carbon emissions by 2040, according to sustainability leader Jon Khoo. The brand has set itself an ambitious pathway to becoming a net remover of atmospheric carbon in less than 20 years. It claims…

Adidas Leads The Way On Plastic Recycling

Adidas is an industry leader in using recycled PET plastic in its products. As more companies follow its lead, the price of plastic waste may begin to rise, making it valuable enough to stop discarding it in landfills and oceans

These Comfy T-Shirts Made From Wood and Algae Can Be Composted Once You’re Done With It

For the first time ever, a clothing company has come up with a sustainable way of making tee-shirts out of wood pulp and algae so they can be composted at the end of their life. London-based tech startup Vollebak designed the Plant and Algae T-Shirt so that wearers can simply compost the shirt by burying […]

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