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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Ron DeSantis Pushes Coastal ‘Resilience’ While Doing Little To Tackle Climate Change – NPR

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks to the media about the cruise industry during a press conference at PortMiami in April. DeSantis faces criticism for failing to do all he could on Florida’s biggest environmental threat: climate change. Joe Raedle/Getty Images…

Climate change risk is complex: here is a way to assess it – The Conversation CA

A key feature of climate change is that it doesn’t pose one single risk. Rather, it presents multiple, interacting risks that can compound and cascade. Importantly, responses to climate change can also affect risk. In our highly connected world, climate…

Nature is Critical to Slowing Climate Change, But It Can Only Do So If We Help It First – InsideClimate News

No matter how many solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars are built between now and 2030, the world won’t meet its increasingly ambitious climate targets without a lot of help from forests, fields and oceans.  “Achieving net-zero by 2050…

Changing specialisation to cope with climate change | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal –

Bruno Conte, Klaus Desmet, Dávid Krisztián Nagy, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg 04 May 2021 In discussing trade policy in the context of climate change, some people are quick to argue that trade might have to be restricted. After all, trade involves transportation,…

Socially just population policies can mitigate climate change and advance global equity

(Oregon State University) Socially just policies aimed at limiting the Earth’s human population hold tremendous potential for advancing equity while simultaneously helping to mitigate the effects of climate change, Oregon State University researchers say.

Biden Climate Summit: Australia Fails to Deliver, remains a global outsider and climate laggard

Here is a quick summary in graphic and point form where the main countries line up on climate commitments at the end of the Climate leaders summit organised by USA President Joe Biden in his first 100 days of leadership:…

Response options should be at the center of climate risk assessment and management

(University of Cape Town) A team of researchers from the Africa Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI) led a global team of 21 climate risk scholars to better understand and inform decision making around climate change risks in Africa and globally by examining how the drivers of risk interact. Their work extends on existing risk frameworks with the hope that this research could help decision makers, managers and researchers understand the inherent complexity of climate change.

Defense mechanisms in aphids can become a double-edged sword, sharpened by the seasons

(Drexel University) In a newly published study in Molecular Ecology a team of Drexel University scientists examined the biological variations in pea aphids, insects that reproduce frequently enough to evolve before our eyes, by tracing the prevalence of their protective endosymbiont, Hamiltonella defensa, which the insects use to ward off parasitoid wasps.

Action Team Leads DOD Efforts to Adapt to Climate Change Effects – Department of Defense

The Defense Department is tackling the climate crisis across a variety of fronts, from increasing energy resilience and security to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming. This multifaceted approach is necessary for installations and operations to adapt…