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Learning From California’s Ambitious Climate Policy – Center For American Progress

Introduction and summary Subscribe to InProgress California has long been synonymous with effective climate policy. Beginning in 2001, the Golden State established its first voluntary emissions reporting program under Gov. Gray Davis (D). Subsequently, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) built on…

Media Blames Climate Change For Worsening Illegal Migration. It’s Not

The Hill published an article Monday claiming human-caused climate change is responsible for at least some of the tidal wave of illegal immigrants flowing daily over the U.S. Southern border. The available evidence falsifies this claim. Climate conditions did not…

Tech billionaires are obsessed with climate change — but some question if they’re focusing on the right areas – CNBC

Combination: Jeff Bezos (L), Elon Musk (C) and Bill Gates (R). Reuters Climate change appears to be high on the agenda for tech billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates but some are questioning whether they’re focusing their…

Sustainable Seagrass High in Omega-6 and Protein is Better Than Rice For This Master Chef

A three-Michelin-star chef in Spain has discovered that sea grass, a diminutive and little-loved marine plant, produces what is in effect, rice. His adoption of this grain into cooking techniques is now simply one part of his mission to repair sea grass ecosystems around the world—which he says could serve to not only stop the […]

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NASA Officials Sound Fake French Fry Alarm – As Potato Crops Set Records

NASA’s climate propaganda site,, features an article claiming climate change threatens potato production and, therefore, French fries. The article, titled “Climate & French fries,” claims global warming is making temperatures too warm for ideal potato production, creating more drought…

Biden mulls giving farmers billions to fight climate change. Even farmers are unsure about the plan. – POLITICO

Arguably one of the federal government’s most ambitious attempts to combat climate change, the concept aims to use market forces to produce sharp reductions in the human-made emissions that are the primary cause of global warming. But while the idea…

Michigan farmers have crop storage problem as global warming brings higher temperatures – Detroit Free Press

MECOSTA, Mich. — For generations, Brian Sackett’s family has farmed potatoes that are made into chips found on grocery shelves in much of the eastern U.S. About 25% of the nation’s potato chips get their start in Michigan, where reliably…

In the Pacific, Global Warming Disrupted The Ecological Dance of Urchins, Sea Stars And Kelp. Otters Help Restore Balance. – InsideClimate News

Watching marine life, from otters to wetsuit-clad surfers, frolic in the famously cold water off the coast of Santa Cruz, it’s hard to imagine the devastation that warming water has wreaked just beneath the waves. In central and Northern California,…


BRAZIL: Bolsonaro visits Amazon jungle state hit by floods

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday visited the state of Acre, in the Amazon rainforest, where several cities have been submerged in floodwaters, adding yet another challenge for the beleaguered state.


Formerly Vacant Lot in Milan Wins ‘Reinventing Cities’ Contest With Vineyard Atop Building With Public Sidewalk

The new headquarters for the molecular and oncology research center ICOM will be centered within 5,000 square meters of green public spaces—including a 650-foot long vineyard. The grapevines will snake their way up the side of the Milan building in a shallow ramp, and will act as the centerpiece of a footpath that starts on […]

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