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Want to lower your risk for cardiovascular disease? Try a vegetarian diet

About 600,00 people die every year from heart disease in the United States; that’s one in every four deaths. It is the leading cause of death for both men and women. To what do we owe this epidemic? Research published…

Tesla Model 3 = 3% of US Car Sales in 1st Half of 2019

In the comments of my article about the Tesla Model 3 accounting for 67% of US electric vehicle sales in the second quarter, someone asked about the electric vehicle share of the overall market. I didn’t find second quarter (Q2) sales data anywhere, but I did quickly identify sales data for the first half of the year

Can snowball planets support life?

Snowball planets are rocky worlds with frozen oceans. The prevailing wisdom has been that they’re lifeless. But a new study suggests some might have land areas near their equators warm and wet enough to support life.


Climate change likely to increase human exposure to toxic methylmercury

Researchers developed a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive model that simulates how environmental factors, including increasing sea temperatures and overfishing, impact levels of methylmercury in fish. The researchers found that while the regulation of mercury emissions have successfully reduced methylmercury levels in fish, spiking temperatures are driving those levels back up and will play a major role in the methylmercury levels of marine life in the future.

Skeptical Science New Research for Week #31, 2019

Posted on 6 August 2019 by doug_bostrom 56 articles this week. What articles are open access? When Ari was running this page open access articles were flagged as such. That feature is now restored. Note that identification of open access…