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News about Climate Change and our Planet



Victoria’s bold emissions target could be a turning point. Now here’s what we have to do | Jono La Nauze

During the final weeks of the Victorian election campaign, Daniel Andrews took to wearing a State Electricity Commission jacket at press conferences, using it to highlight Labor’s flagship policy of supplying publicly owned renewable energy through a revived SEC. It…

Media Ignore Record-Cold November Temps At South Pole

Extreme cold records continue to tumble at the South Pole. Three recent days – November 16th, 17th, and 18th – have recorded a daily record, with the 18th plunging to –45.2°C, compared with –44.7°C on the same day in 1987….

Climate change and human behaviour –

To buck the trend of rising temperatures, immediate and significant climate action is needed. Natural disasters have become more frequent and occur at ever-closer intervals. The changing climate is driving biodiversity loss, and affecting human physical and mental health. Unfortunately,…

Nord Stream methane leak will NOT increase global warming, study says – Daily Mail

Methane gas that leaked from a damaged Nord Stream pipeline in September will not increase global warming, a new study claims.  The leaks will have a ‘negligible’ effect on warming, despite releasing 220,000 tons of methane into the air, academics…

97% Consensus? Survey Shows Only 59% Of Scientists Expect Climate Doom

A new poll of scientists conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University found that only 59 percent of respondents think global climate change will cause “significant harm” to the “living conditions for people alive today.” That is far short of the “97…

Should Brands Be Allowed at Global Climate Talks? – Adweek

In a resort town on the tip of the Sinai peninsula, global leaders are gathering this week to hash out how, exactly, they’re going to meet the climate goals they set last year in Glasgow. The meeting is officially titled…

No climate Justice without Human rights – Intervention by Tasneem Essop during the COP27 Opening Plenary

Egypt is one of the most repressive nations in the middle east and human rights is an enormous issue.  Tasneem Essop, Exective Director of CAN International chose in her 1 minute intervention at the opening plenary of the UN climate…

Misinformation Experiment has Potential to ‘Inoculate’ Millions of Social Media Users

Briefly exposing social media users to the tricks behind misinformation boosts awareness of harmful online falsehoods, says new research—and Google is set to deploy an anti-disinformation campaign based on the findings. Short animations placed in YouTube’s Ad slot gave viewers a taste of the strategies behind misinformation, according to the huge online experiment led by […]

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Lomborg: Climate Change And The Lancet’s Duplicitous ‘Heat Death’ Study

As the United Nations’ annual global climate summit, COP27, nears, it’s important to look with skepticism at the academic reports many news outlets cite as evidence supporting radical climate policies. Too often, they use highly skewed data that seem to…

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