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The reason why women are freezing at work

Once I settled into my first office job, I realized I was going to need two things to do my job well: a blanket and a space heater. The office was freezing. In fact, most offices are colder than what…

COP25 special collection: Keep climate change impacts under control by making biodiversity a focus

(American Association for the Advancement of Science) Under a 2°Celsius warming scenario, 80 to 83% of language areas in New Guinea — home to the greatest biological and linguistic diversity of any tropical island on Earth — will experience decreases in the diversity of useful plant species by 2070, according to a new study.

Radical coffee cup design takes aim at plastic lids

The long, oft-contentious relationship between plastic lids and paper coffee cups may soon come to a welcome end. A new company called Unocup is securing financial backing through Kickstarter for an innovative paper coffee cup that ditches plastic and embraces…

Best Monsoon In 25 Years Quells Climate Fears Among Indian Farmers

In India, monsoon is synonymous with joy. That’s probably because the majority of India’s 1.3 billion people directly or indirectly depend on agriculture, the success of which depends largely upon the rains of the annual monsoon season. Climate alarmists have…


Eastern equine encephalitis virus poses emergent threat

2019 has been a particularly deadly year in the U.S. for eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), a mosquito-borne illness. As of November 12, 36 confirmed cases of EEE had been reported by eight states; 13 of these cases were fatal.

HKUST researchers shed light on modulation of thermal bleaching of coral reefs by internal waves

(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) An international research team led by an ocean scientist from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has demonstrated in a recent research paper the cooling impact of internal waves across depths on coral reefs, which has the potential to create thermal refuges for corals and is important for making more accurate predictions of coral bleaching.

How to control global warming – Putman Media

A recent column dealt with the control of global warming and Pat Dixon, P.E, PMP, southwest region engineering manager ( brought up this logical question: „Why not just control the temperature by throttling the rate of CO2 emission?” To control…