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75 ways Trump made America dirtier and the planet warmer

“I want crystal clean water and air.” That’s what Donald Trump said in the first chaotic presidential debate with Joe Biden. But there is scant evidence of that desire in the actions of his administration, which has spent nearly four…

Year’s closest new moon October 16

October 16 brings us the closest new moon of 2020. Some will call it a supermoon. You won’t see this extra-close new moon because it’ll travel across the daytime sky with the sun. But you might see its gravitational effect on the tides along ocean shorelines in the days following new moon.

School absences correlate to impaired air quality

(University of Utah) In Salt Lake City schools, absences rise when the air quality worsens, and it’s not just in times of high pollution or “red” air quality days–even days following lower levels of pollutions saw increased absences.

Global warming powering up Hurricane Delta, other storms faster, experts say – Tampa Bay Times

Hurricane Delta, gaining strength as it bears down on the U.S. Gulf Coast, is the latest and nastiest in a recent flurry of rapidly intensifying Atlantic hurricanes that scientists largely blame on global warming. Earlier, before hitting Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula…

UCI, others see agriculture as major source of increase in atmospheric nitrous oxide

(University of California – Irvine) In a new study in Nature, climate researchers have drawn the clearest lines yet around the problem of nitrous oxide in Earth’s atmosphere. The potent greenhouse gas has both natural and human sources and, compared to CO2, is difficult to remove from the air, where it ‘lives’ for about 116 years.

Global warming is heating up nights more quickly than days – World Economic Forum

For most of the world, nights are getting hotter more quickly than days are. Warmer night temperatures are also associated with cloudier, wetter weather. Unequal temperature rises in a 24-hour period could have a skewed impact on the natural world….

ART HOBSON: Last chance on global warming – Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Conservatives and liberals alike must get serious about global warming. Conservatives tend to dismiss it. Our president considers it a hoax. In 2015, candidate Donald Trump said “Obama’s talking about all of this global warming and … of lot of…