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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Dire situation gets even more dire

Sea ice extent is very low at both poles at the moment, and the outlook is that the situation is getting even worse. Around Antarctica, sea ice extent was 2.23 million km² on February 2, 2023. Later in February this…

GM Pays Netflix To Place EVs In Streaming Content To Push ‘All-Electric Future’

From streaming platforms for half-baked reality dating shows to normalizing electric vehicles. When Netflix engages in shameless product placement, you can be sure it will at least be extra woke. The left-wing steamer has entered a deal to feature General…

Parasites And Pesticides, Not Climate Change, Killing Honeybee Colonies

UPI News posted an article that claims that deadly parasites, diseases, pesticides, and climate change are killing honeybee colonies across the United States. This is only partially true. Parasites, mites, possibly pesticides, and occasional damaging weather events have been linked…

The Ministry Of Climate Truth Strikes Again

The Christian God is said to know your every thought, word and deed (Matthew 5:21-37). In the new religion of climate change and Gaia worship, every word is identified by ‘intelligent’ computers, assessed for theological compliance, compiled into bite-sized ‘fact checks’…

Japanese Archaeologists Find Beautiful Bronze Mirror Buried With a 7-Foot-Long Sword

The Japanese penchant for wielding large curved swords goes back much further in time than previously thought, the new excavation of a 4th-century tomb revealed. In the western city of Nara, a tomb inside a funerary mound uncovered a 7.5-foot-long sword and a large bronze mirror, which amount to first-of-their-kind-finds on the islands. The tomb […]

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World’s biggest investment fund warns directors to tackle climate crisis or face sack

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, the world’s single largest investor, has warned company directors it will vote against their re-election to the board if they do not up their game on tackling the climate crisis, human rights abuses and boardroom diversity….

Joe Biden’s green subsidies have left Europe struggling for a response | Lorenzo Marsili

European governments have for many years basked in a sense of climate superiority over the US. We had the most ambitious climate goals; we were the constructive actor at Cop conferences; we had carbon-pricing mechanisms; and since 1990, we have…

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