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New Scientific Scandal Shaking The Climate Alarmist Industry

As readers at this site are well aware, the field of climate “science” and alarmism is subject to an extraordinary degree of orthodoxy enforcement, where all information supporting the official narrative gets enthusiastically promoted, while all information disagreeing with the…

Dow introduces innovative UCARSOL™ greenhouse gas capture solution to fight global warming – Bangkok Post

Dow introduces innovative UCARSOL™ greenhouse gas capture solution to fight global warming Dow, the global leader of materials science, has introduced UCARSOL™ to the Thailand market; the company’s innovative solution against global warming. UCARSOL™ is already popular abroad. The greenhouse…

Climate Change Resilience: Northern Red Sea Corals Pass Heat Stress Test With Flying Colors – SciTechDaily

The aquarium system in which scientists submitted Northern red sea corals to various temperatures. Credit: Maoz Fine EPFL scientists are beginning to understand why corals in the Gulf of Aqaba, along with their symbiotic algae and bacteria, resist higher temperatures…

Natural radio signal buzzes in Venus’ atmosphere

New measurements from Parker Solar Probe – the first new direct measurements of Venus’ atmosphere in nearly 30 years – showed an unexpected natural radio signal being emitted by Venus’ ionosphere. The probe made the discovery while using Venus as a “gravity slingshot” to come closer to the sun.

Calpers under fire over opposition to BP climate vote – Financial Times

Calpers and Climate Action 100+, the influential investor group, have come under fire over the US pension fund’s decision to vote against a climate resolution at oil supermajor BP. The resolution, scheduled for a vote at BP’s annual general meeting…

Can federated learning save the world?

(University of Cambridge) Training the artificial intelligence models that underpin web search engines, power smart assistants and enable driverless cars, consumes megawatts of energy and generates worrying carbon dioxide emissions. But new ways of training these models are proven to be greener.

The Extinction Rebellion Verdict That Paves The Way For Anarchy

In April 2019, six Extinction Rebellion protesters targeted the London HQ of the oil company Shell. They smashed windows, glued themselves to doors, climbed onto the entrance canopy, poured fake oil around, and sprayed the slogans Climate Criminals and Lies on the walls. A…

Springer Nature advances its machine-generated tools and offers new book format (AI-based lit overview)

(Springer) Springer Nature has now deployed its AI expertise to create a new publication format which focuses on literature reviews. This new format takes an innovative hybrid approach of blending human-machine interaction. The new product is a mixture of human-written text and machine-generated literature overviews, which sees an author putting these machine-generated reviews, created from a large set of previously published articles in Springer Nature journals, into book chapters and providing a scientific perspective.