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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Gov. Inslee: Global Warming Made Parts Of Central America ‘Uninhabitable’

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee told MSNBC that man-made global warming made Central America “uninhabitable,” forcing thousands to seek asylum at the U.S. southern border. Inslee, who’s running for president on a climate change-focused platform, told MSNBC anchors Tuesday that he…


The formula for telling sustainability stories that stick

Stories are everything — in corporate sustainability as in life. Facts and numbers help explain the world as it is, but narratives give it meaning. We turn to tales for teaching, selling products and services, and motivating the masses into action. From the fires of prehistory to the depths of the digital age, a good story can change the world.

Antarctica: a trip to the heart of global warming – EL PAIS

The Antarctic is the only continent in the world without any countries, borders or wars. But it is here, on a windy, lonely ‘island’ twice the size of Australia where 90% of the planet’s ice survives, that scientists are wrestling…


Fast fashion is on the rampage, with the UK at the head of the charge

Fast fashion – the rapid system of trend-driven, low-cost clothing manufacture beloved by UK consumers – is on the rampage. We crossed a worrying line in 2014, scaling up garment production to 100bn pieces of new clothing a year. These…

Why you should celebrate the International Day of Yoga every day

There’s something alluring about stretching your body into controlled positions while relaxing your mind and slowing your breath. Unlike the gym — where you frenetically course through imaginary mountain trails on an exercise bike or climb skyscrapers on an elliptical…