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News about Climate Change and our Planet


New US weather data shows ‘obvious’ effects of climate change – Al Jazeera English

NOAA report on ‘new normals’ in climate over the past decade shows a hotter US, thanks to climate change. The United States is getting warmer and parts of it are getting wetter, according to weather data released on Tuesday by…

China’s Energy Actions Speak Louder Than Its Phony Climate Pledges

Last week’s climate change summit, though advertised as a meeting designed to get 40 world leaders to make pledges to cut carbon dioxide emissions and save the planet, was more a trade negotiation of sorts, in which the West wants…

NSU researcher part of a flagship study on vertebrate genomes

(Nova Southeastern University) Today, the G10K sponsored Vertebrate Genomes Project (VGP) announces their flagship study and associated publications focused on genome assembly quality and standardization for the field of genomics. This study includes 16 diploid high-quality, near error-free, and near complete vertebrate reference genome assemblies for species across all taxa with backbones (i.e., mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, and fishes) from five years of piloting the first phase of the VGP project.

Who’s right about climate change? Greta Thunberg or Bill Gates? – MarketWatch

LONDON (Project Syndicate)—Some people say that to avoid the threat of catastrophic harm to human welfare posed by global warming, we must radically change our behavior—cease flying, use bicycles, and give up red meat. Others believe that new technologies can…

Don’t ask officials what they think of global warming — ask if they want a warning – Washington Post

As a professor of atmospheric sciences, I have researched weather and weather forecasting for 40 years. Forecasters issue warnings for hazardous weather because people answer yes to questions such as: “If you live in Key West and a hurricane might…

US asbestos sites made risky by some remediation strategies

(Stanford University) Efforts to prevent human exposure to asbestos may be mobilizing the cancer-causing mineral so that it can reach water supplies, based on new findings about how the fibers move through soil.

Overshooting tipping point thresholds in a changing climate –

1. Lenton, T. M. et al. Tipping elements in the Earth’s climate system. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA 105, 1786–1793 (2008). This paper was the first to identify potential tipping elements in the climate system. ADS  CAS  Article  Google Scholar …

URI oceanographers reveal links between migrating Gulf Stream and warming ocean waters

(University of Rhode Island) The Northwest Atlantic Shelf is one of the fastest-changing regions in the global ocean, and is currently experiencing marine heat waves, altered fisheries and a surge in sea level rise along the North American east coast. A new paper authored by experts at the University of Rhode Island and published in Communications Earth & Environment reveals the causes, potential predictability and historical context for these types of rapid changes.

Ocean currents modulate oxygen content at the equator

(Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel (GEOMAR)) A German-French study led by the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel has used long-term observations to investigate the complex interplay between fluctuations in the equatorial current system and variations in oxygen content. During the last 15 years the intensification of upper-ocean currents resulted in an increasing oxygen content in the equatorial region.