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Unique diversity of the genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula revealed by dual studies

Researchers have analyzed ancient DNA from almost 300 individuals from the Iberian Peninsula, spanning more than 12,000 years. The first study looked at hunter-gatherers and early farmers living in Iberia between 13,000 and 6,000 years ago. The second looked at individuals from the region over the last 8000 years. Together, the two papers greatly increase our knowledge about the population history of this unique region.

San Francisco Municipal Utility To Focus On 100% Renewable Energy & Job Creation

San Francisco officials are considering the creation of a new municipal utility from the wreckage left behind by the PG&E bankruptcy. It would focus on providing 100% renewable energy to the people of the city at an affordable cost.

Political Bias: Apple Drops App From Store That Counters Climate Alarmism

CCD Editor’s Note: Al Gore has been a board director for Apple for years. Aside from pushing Apple to go 100% renewable with all of its facilities, it’s not even close when you look at how they’re able to make…

Climate change: a climate scientist answers questions from teenagers – The Conversation UK

Pupils in 60 countries go on strike from school on March 15, 2019, to demand urgent action from the world’s leaders on climate change. Here, a scientist answers teenagers’ questions about climate change, gathered by the Priestley International Centre for…

Ancient DNA research shines spotlight on Iberia

(University of Huddersfield) The University of Huddersfield’s Archaeogenetics Research Group joins an international team to conduct the largest-ever study of ancient DNA from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) which suggests that the Iberian male lineages were almost completely replaced between 4,500 and 4,000 years ago by newcomers originating on the Russian steppe.

New Mexico Jumps at Chance for 100% Clean Electricity

New Mexico’s Senate and House of Representatives have quickly shuffled a carbon-free electricity bill to the Governor’s desk this week which calls for generating 80% of the state’s electricity from renewable energy sources by 2040 and 100% from “carbon-free” sources…


Singapores new-build, first net-zero energy building opens its doors

Opened earlier this year, the newly completed NUS School of Design & Environment 4 (SDE4) is distinguished as Singapore’s first new-build, net-zero energy building school. Developed by the School of Design and Environment at the National University of Singapore and designed by Serie + Multiply Architects with Surbana Jurong, the six-story multidisciplinary building is located on a hillock along Clementi Road near the southern coastline of Singapore where it joins a larger campus redevelopment….


Trader Joe’s ditching single-use plastics for more eco-friendly options

An increasing number of grocery stores are ditching single-use plastics to help curb the amount of synthetic materials that end up in landfills around the world. Trader Joe’s is the most recent business to reduce plastic use in stores across the country, a move that comes after a Greenpeace initiative that garnered close to 100,000 signatures. In 2018, Trader Joe’s vowed to use more sustainable packaging to help decrease the 1 million pounds of waste it generates annually from plastics. A big chunk…

With Ethanol And Biomass No Longer Viewed As ‘Green,’ Will Other Renewables Soon Follow?

Over the last 10 years, the cost of solar panels and wind turbines declined so significantly, and were scaled-up so quickly, that many people came to believe that a transition to renewables, as proposed by advocates of a Green New…