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Nuclear Scientist: HBO’s Chernobyl More Fiction Than Fact

As a nuclear physicist, I can report that HBO’s Chernobyl was sensational fiction inspired by real events, not a factual documentary. Melting faces makes for riveting television but is no more realistic than the zombie cannibalism in the Walking Dead….

New York’s Sham Climate-Change Law Calls For Zero Emissions By 2050

New York’s leaders seem determined to make this year’s end-of-session legislating the ugliest ever. The latest example: The Climate and Community Protection Act. The act sets ambitious goals for eliminating greenhouse-gas emissions and transitioning to “clean” energy. Lawmakers and Gov….


Call to arms: how can Australia avoid a slow and painful decline?

Australia is at a crossroads. Drift towards a future of slow decline economically and socially or, if action is taken now to address our most important challenges, create a future of greater prosperity for all, globally competitive industries and a…

Joe Biden’s ‘Clean Energy Revolution’ An American Calamity

Presidential candidate Joe Biden recently announced his “Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice.” While it might be viewed as a Green New Deal Lite, the plan would inflict enormous economic, environmental and societal pain on most of…

Democrat 2020 Contenders Push Job-Killing Eco-Schemes

Vocal activists increasingly drive Democrat Party positions across the public policy spectrum. Print, television, social and click-bait media generally support them, while permitting little debate on liberal proposals or their potential ramifications. Even semi-moderate Joe Biden has been pressured into…

Can We Arrest Global Warming By Yanking CO2 From The Atmosphere? – Forbes

FILE – In this July 27, 2018, file photo, the Dave Johnson coal-fired power plant is silhouetted against the morning sun in Glenrock, Wyo. Jeremy Grantham, a British billionaire investor who’s a major contributor to environmental causes, will fund carbon-capture…

Trump says ‘climate change goes both ways’ – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Trump said he was moved by Prince Charles’ passion, but the conversation did not change his views President Donald Trump has said he believes climate change “goes both ways” following a 90-minute discussion…