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Supercharger Gaps On Road Trip? Try This Tesla Owner’s Hack (Video)

The first question the unenlightened ask of EV owners is invariably, “what do you do when you run out of charge?” And we invariably reply, “You don’t run out of charge, any more than you run out of gas in a legacy vehicle. You plan your trips and plug in well before the range indicator gets near zero.”

Met Office: World has 10 per cent chance of ‘overshooting’ 1.5C within five years – Eco-Business

Young boys jumping into the sea on a hot day in Negros Occidental, Philippines. New research finds that global average temperature rise is likely to be between 1.03C and 1.57C. over a five-year period from November 2018 to October 2023….

Lyft Increases Electric Vehicle Advocacy & Use

Last year, Lyft improved its standing with riders and followers who have serious concerns about environmental safety. Lyft became the first and only company of its kind to become carbon neutral. This year, Lyft is initiating the next step, doing more for riders, drivers, and cities. Lyft now plans to introduce thousands of electric vehicles (EVs) onto its platform

Six new species of hideously adorable tentacle-nosed catfish discovered in Amazon

Scientists just discovered six new species of bristlenose catfish in the Amazon. In an evolutionary move that takes ‘catfishing’ to a whole new, kind of sweet level, the males have tentacled faces to attract females. The tentacles look like eggs, and when females see a male with a tentacled face, they see a good potential father. The discovery of these new species might pave the way for conservation work in the Amazon.

Bees can do basic arithmetic

Researchers set out to test whether bees could do math, building on a groundbreaking finding that bees understand the concept of zero. The new study shows bees can be taught to recognize colors as symbolic representations for addition and subtraction, and use this information to solve arithmetic problems. The revelation that even the miniature brain of a honeybee can grasp basic mathematical operations has implications for the future development of AI.

Science roundup: From squirrels that glow pink to global warming discoveries – The Independent

Understanding morning people and night owls Early to bed and early to rise is a maxim that’s easy to follow for some people and devilishly hard for others. Now, in a study published recently in Nature Communications, researchers curious about the…

State of the Union, Global Warming, Beto O’Rourke: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing – The New York Times

(Want to get this briefing by email? Here’s the sign-up.) Good evening. Here’s the latest. Image CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times 1. A day after President Trump warned that “ridiculous partisan investigations” could harm the nation, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said…

Dark side of the universe could be way more complicated than the light side

In “Star Wars” lore, there is a constant struggle between the dark side and the light side of the Force. Fans debate endlessly between which side is stronger. While such debates might seem futile, given that they pertain to a…

7 spectacular facts about yaks

You may think of yaks as very hairy cattle — which is what they’re called in China — but yaks have a long history with humans in the highlands of Asia. Their hardiness combined with simple diets of grass have…


Already A Vintage Year For Climate Claptrap

It has been an encouraging start in the contest for the year’s loopiest climate story. First out of the blocks is a cracker from the geography department at University College London with the suggestion that Spanish colonization in the Americas…

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