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Eastern Puma officially extinct, allows for mountain lion reintroduction

Officials with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service have announced that the eastern puma, which used to range from Quebec and Manitoba to South Carolina and Illinois, is now extinct. The government agency has also removed the cougars from endangered species list. Taking the pumas off the endangered list will enable eastern states, such as New York, to reintroduce western pumas, also called mountain lions, into the region. The last eastern puma killed in the wild was in Maine over 80 years…

These 10 bird havens are great for bird-watching

Find birding heaven in these bird havens Ornithologists and serious bird-watchers take their binoculars to far-flung places in search of species they haven’t yet seen. Although people often associate bird-watching — also known as birding — with scanning trees for…

There's only one way to stop a hangover (and you're not going to like it)

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic way to prevent a hangover? Many people have special tricks for preventing a pounding headache after a night of imbibing — like drinking Pedialyte before going to bed or eating asparagus…

Famous ‘sandpile model’ shown to move like a traveling sand dune

The so-called Abelian sandpile model has been studied by scientists for more than 30 years. Even though the sandpile model serves as the archetypical model to study self-organized criticality, questions about its characteristics are still open and remain an active field of research. Researchers have now discovered a new property of this mathematical model: they managed to induce dynamics in the self-similar fractal patterns reminiscent of sand dunes in the desert.

How poppy flowers get those vibrant colors that entice insects

With bright reds and yellows — and even the occasional white — poppies are very bright and colorful. Their petals, however, are also very thin; they are made up of just three layers of cells. Scientists used microscopy and mathematical models describing how light interacts with petals to find out how the vibrant colors are created.

This Week on Explore (2/8)

What an EGG-cellent week we have had at! First up, Bella’s two chicks have successfully fledged the nest! We look forward to seeing Holly and Noel explore the world and hope they come back to visit every now and…


Flat-pack treehouse offers “extreme wilderness” glamping with a light footprint

British company Tree Tents International has unveiled their most innovative and adaptable glamping structure yet. Meet the Fuselage, a flat-pack treehouse that can be set up almost anywhere, even in the most challenging terrain. Dubbed by the firm as an “extreme wilderness cabin,” the cylindrical dwelling takes inspiration from modern aerospace design for its durable and lightweight structure. Designed with a triple-layer insulated skin, low-voltage radiant heating and a micro wood…